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Paul McCartney Postpones World Tour Due To “Personal Circumstances”

It looks like the world may have to wait a little bit longer to see a full-blown Paul McCartney tour.  It seems that our beloved Paul is postponing a tour to support his latest offering, Memory Almost Full.  It seems that he is holding off on touring to take care of his family a bit amidst the turmoils of separation and divorce. 

Family comes first in this instance.  We’re more than OK with that.  As much as we would love to see Paul jump right back into an all-out tour, it’s nice to see that family comes first. We’ll just have to wait a little while longer to see Paul live and in person.  For now, I guess we’ll just have to keep on spinning the new album.  

Here’s what we’ve read.

Sir Paul McCartney’s bitter divorce battle has forced him to postpone his world tour.

The Beatles legend, who split from Heather Mills last May, has decided to put his tour on hold to look after the couple’s three-year-old daughter Beatrice.

Paul said: “I’m going to do bits and pieces to support the album, but it won’t be a major tour until possibly next year, and that’s down to personal circumstances.”

The 64-year-old musician had hoped to fully promote new album “Memory Almost Full,” which is released on June 4. However, his lawyers reportedly warned him to remain in the U.K. until his divorce is finalized.

A source told Britain’s Sunday Mirror newspaper: “Paul shares custody with Beatrice. If he went on tour it would be impossible to look after his child. And if the divorce is not finalized Heather could argue she should get some of the profits because the album was inspired by Paul’s time with her.”

Paul revealed his painful divorce has brought his family closer together.

He said: “I’m going through struggles but I am feeling pretty good. In difficult moments like this, it’s when a loving family shines through. The real positive out of this marriage is my beautiful baby daughter.”

Meanwhile, Heather, 39, and Paul met in London on Friday to call a truce for Beatrice’s sake. Paul reportedly vowed to finalize their divorce by early next year, while Heather agreed to remain in the U.K. with Beatrice and scrap plans to launch a career in the U.S.

The estranged couple are even said to have agreed to celebrate Paul’s 65th birthday as a family next month.

Source: AHN


9 Responses

  1. well,i think family is a very good reason to stop his tour.he has a little girl to look after and making her grow -up,so in this case is better to be first a good father for her little daughter and create a peaceful realationship between heather and him.but i won’t tell you now something stupid but in my country is going on a news that i’m very shocked:German press given the diffusion of a very important news,and it says that Paul had a secret daughter,that he never told about . her name is Bettina and she’s now 44 years old.her mother Erika said that had a sexual relationship with Paul in the Beatles early period from 1959 to 1962 and when she was pregnant Paul went away and she never seen him or something else,but in 1984 this “daughter” would that Paul made the DNA test but some some big voices told that he send another man like him,like a fake,for doing DNA test so,German law tells that he’s accused of told many lies and he’s even accused of have created a big hoax,so he’s now in suspecteds list,and now German law will check every step of this story.

  2. listen, in your opinion this news that i told is it true or false?please i don’t know who i should believe to,i don’t really know!please can you help me to return as i was before reading this news?i’m very surprised and shocked!i am still like if i was in another dimension,with my eyes completely opened but not for knowing that Paul has another daughter(this is a good news- if it was true!) but for the other rest of this complicated story!for me,everything is really incredible!PLEASE,HELP ME TO UNDERSTAND! 😦

  3. Try this link. It’s the UK Mirror, take it for what it’s worth, but most celebrities deal with this kind of stuff all the time, especially when they are being dragged through tough times, like a public divorce…


  4. for joefo:thank you very very much my friend!now im’just a bit quiet than yesterday reading this news again,but i hope these kind of things will be ending soon!i really can’t stand it!thank you again !

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  6. First I want to congratulate Paul for his very amazing and wonderful, deep and also happy new album. And not to forget his Birthday tomorrow. I understand the circumstances that make him postpone his tour. I have a little child of the same age so I have to agree: family is the most important thing – and the rest has to wait. But hopefully I am waiting to see him again in Germany.
    What the rumors in the German press concerns: I live in Germany and I remember the scandal in 1984. It was everywhere in the yellow press. The end was that a bloodtest shew he was not her father. Today these two women try it again to blame paul for a “forgotten” daughter. But I wonder why she didn’t try to ascertain paul as the father in the sixties, she was waiting until 1984. And now they were waiting again for abaout 23 years. I am sure it will be not true and she only tries again – maybe she needs money and hopes that paul pays again some money to keep her silent while his divorce is not finished. But even if it was true – we should not forget that he was only a young man at that time and the possibilities to prevent were not the same as today.
    Linda was able to live with that rumor. He lived and llives with And isn’t it a wonder that there are not many more who try the same? Paul has alsways been very attractive and I am sure that the young Beatles-boys did not only go to the movies with their girlfrieds.

  7. for German Fan:hi!i read your comment,and i agree with you when you said”the Beatles when they were younger didn’t go only at the cinema with their girlfriends”.that was and is still normal,today!ithink who could knows more than you about that news,from Germany?no one but you!some weeks ago i read other news who told that sir Paul wasn’t Bettina’s father,at all!cause the DNA text was negative at that time,so he is free from every”conspiracy”against him.this news is true or false?can you tell me,please?

  8. […] we will see Paul hit the road yet again and wow us with some of his new tunes live as some of the rumors have been hinting at.   Maybe we’ll see an extanded version of the setlist that Paul used […]

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