Paul on The View: He keeps two personnas + VIDEO.

Could you imagine spending your entire adult life being one of the most famous people on the planet?  Truthfully, as much as I would wish and dream for it, it must be total hell.  I imagine you have to be a pretty guarded individual.  You have to constantly worry about the things you say, and the things you do in the court of public opinion.

I really don’t find what Paul says as too revealing.  It’s his way of coping.  I just find it interesting that he twists it around to focus on The Fireman.  Yes, we know that Paul’s creative muses have many faces, but it’s a bit of it as a stretch to say it’s another personna.  Yes, The Fireman-leanings of Paul McCartney are different, but it’s still a McCartney record afterall.  Just a thought.

Paul on The View (Part I)

Paul on The View (Part II)

Here’s what we’ve read.

Paul McCartney keeps fame from driving him crazy by maintaining two versions of himself.

McCartney tells ABC’s “The View” he separates the real Paul from the famous Paul. He says Famous Paul does the shows and Real Paul goes home and watches TV.

He extended that idea to his music. He says normally he sings at the high end of his range, but he dropped to his lower range for his new album, “Electric Arguments.” He released that album under his alter ego, The Fireman.

There’s only one audience where McCartney has to fight to prove he’s famous: young girls. He says they know him only as the father of fashion designer Stella McCartney.

Source: Live 5 News


15 Responses

  1. I think McCartney has coped very well with his fame in public. There hasn’t been a lot of obvious masks and acting like many do. You can sense it you know, if famous stars is being dishonest and untrue to their own self, just to impress people, be popular, and sell more records or whatever. I wouldn’t say I know him as a person of course, just because I listen to his music and read interviews in magazines, but he comes through as a person I like. I’ve always had a feeling he has a more melancholic persona under that thumbs up be happy smiling and joking, but I’m pretty sure that this guy is not a total asshole hiding behind a nice guy image. He seems very human to me, and that comes through in his music. I can’t say I listen to “Electric Arguments” with a feeling that this is a different person. To me, it’s just McCartney relaxing, being creative and not too concerned about what people will think of him. It’s not his most popular record ever, commercially speaking, but you really can’t judge quality on sales, so, so what! I think the album will sell on a long term, opposite to other of his more polished hit-records that has stopped selling, because they haven’t stood the test of time very well.

  2. Paul rocks!

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  3. Well, to quote McCartney precise; it’s the unreal Paul that rocks. The real Paul watches TV. That’s not very rock ‘n’ roll! Next time Paul goes on tour, he should bring a television on stage. So we can watch the real Paul watching TV. Uhhhh, this is bad humor. I don’t know if anyone understands me either, I’m not very good at writing english. And as write this I am in fact listening to “McCartney II” from 1980. I think that’s a very underrated album. In a way it has a lot in common with his latest ,The Fireman “Electric Arguments”. Experimental and a little offbeat. There’s a lot of humor in the “McCartney II” album. A lot of fun songs. Just listen to “Temporary Secretary”, “Nobody Knows” and “Bogey Music”. I believe this is the wacky McCartney humor he talks about in his commentaries to his videos on the DVD “The McCartney Years”. You can hear he has a lot of fun doing these songs. Probably that’s why the album is underrated. Not everybody get in on the joke and think it’s just plain silly. A fun sort of homemade album this. I love it! : )

  4. Some of his experiments are more successful than others. His paintings don’t stir me, and Staning Stones has never moved me very much either. His off-the-cuff album Flaming Pie, which he was not under contract to do, came out very nicely, however. When he’s “on,” he on. I am curious as to whether he will follow through on his collaboration with his son James … or with Ringo.

  5. People analyze Paul way too much, including his songs. Even the songs that seem deep with meaning are usually never about anyone or anyone is his life–per one of Paul’s interviews a few years ago. (kinda paraphrashing I know, but I can’t find the quote at the moment).

    Beatle Bob
    (Bootleg review on the Bootlegzone,910, Beatleglist, etc)

  6. I think McCartney has become more personal in his songs the last ten years. You can sense it in a way. But he cover it up, of course, in obscurity. He’s not as straightforward and outspoken as, well, Lennon for instance. Sometimes I think it’s his weakest side as a songwriter, that he gets too professional and slick for his own good. He’s made whole albums where hardly anything on it is very personal or deeply felt. An album like “Pipes of Peace” for instance. It’s not bad at all, but there’s nothing really personal or truly hearfelt going on, and it leaves you with this sort of empty feeling. It’s good songs, good musicians, very well produced, but not very challenging after a few listen. It’s too slick and professional, in a way, to be an album you really really love.

  7. McCartney gran cantante, gran compositor me encanta.

  8. Great blog. It’s been interesting reading about Paul McCartney, who has been in the press so much lately. It’s weird, that Paul was always the most self-promoting Beatle, and still is, now with the opportunity to further skew the band’s legacy to his own point of view, now that John and George are not around to comment.

    The fact is Paul has always had two side to him, the avant garde innovator, and the smiley top 40 showbiz cheeseball. He seems to take neither too seriously anymore but still serves each side equal amounts of energy.

    So much going on with Paul and with the Beatles these past couple of years, you’d almost think they were an active band.

  9. I don’t think Paul is trying to skew anything. He’s not really saying anything he didn’t say before George was dead.

    As for the “two sides”, not that I’m into astrology but he is a Gemini- signified by the twins. I think that can be symbolic of the fact that people often have contradictory sides and often have different ways of viewing themselves to deal with various situations. I think Paul is really talking about his own state of mind rather than saying “these are like two different people”. The Firemen persona helps put him into another state of mind that makes it easier for him to cope with certain challenges musically, doesn’t mean he’s actually a different person.

  10. Yes i like it….

  11. Has anyone seen the rare photos that surface when Bob Bonis died? I was in a New York gallery and saw some amazing photos that I have never seen before. I think what I was impressed with was the photos were taken when the beatles were caught off guard. There is a good article at

    • That Gallery in NY is the “Not Fade Away’ Gallery in Union Square. Bill and I went in there while we wre up in NY. They really have some great photgraphs. in that place. I’ll take alook at boldC .com

  12. I looked at the site and they have some great looking shirts. I especially like the the picture of John Lennon done in a psychodelic fashion. Also they have Rolling Stones shirts. So far only Mick Jagger.

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