Big changes a-coming at the blog.

Hello there folks!

I know I haven’t been around lately to update the blog.  Things have gotten hectic, and I have really been thinking about changing around the format of the blog here.  No, it has not gone away.  But I am looking at changing formats, and posting more original conent, reviews, and features.

I am also on the lookout for writers and contributers to the blog.  The look will be changing and I would like to pepper in some new voices to the Beatle blog.

If any of you have a knack with words and would like to regualry contribute to the Beatle blog, please drop me a line at beatleboymatt [at]  I am currently looking for writers and contributors.

I hope to kickoff some longer features, more in-depth reviews, and an entire regular column dedicated to those bootlegs that we so love to talk about all the time.

I’ll keep you all posted, and sit tight folks new changes are a coming.  In the meantime, if any of you want to write regularly, please drop me an email.



28 Responses

  1. oh that is sad… I guess i have to look for Beatles news elsewhere.. but hey, Im sure this new feature of the blog is going to be great…

    I hope I know how you get all those juicy info, so i can post to my Beatles blog

    Good luck!

  2. No no it’s not entirely sad. I will still be posting news bits. Don’t you worry.

    You will still be able to get your news fix here. I’m just retooling things a bit. Not to worry

  3. Does anyone have an idea what or where the Beatles Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle I saw on eBay came from? It’s by Par Puzzles? Pretty sick, really expensive…but never seen before.

  4. Hi Beatleboy matt. You have asked for writers. Ive sent you a mail but not heard from you.


  5. Do you like me, think this site is becoming a waste of time

  6. Sorry, but it looks like this site has closed.

    Goodbye everyone, been fun posting here, but it’s time to go.

  7. big changes…. impressive!!!

  8. I used to love it this site,but now it’s finished.

    Thanks Matt ,we will miss you.

    Check out

  9. I think that it is a very good site.I would like to see more beatles pic.Been a Beatles fan since 1981 right after John Lennon was assassinated.

  10. When are the new changes coming?

    Beatle Bob

  11. Thanks Matt ,we will miss you!!!

  12. Thanks Matt ,we will miss you
    Do you like me

  13. Goodbye folks, the interest here was simply not enough to continue on.
    Too many people not behaving themselves like Raj,Ulla,and Vero, goodbye and goodluck.

    Check out Steve Marrinucci’s Abbeyrd best, google it.


  14. I sthis site up and running? I was wondering if any beatlse afns wanted to post a review on my site justa fun look at cool beatles t shirts

  15. I dig the blog, it looks great. I’m going to add it to my sidebar.


  16. it would be great for more imput, but the only way i can see to post is here in these comment boxes.

    I was wondering though, Cliff was the biggest star in the Britpop world at the time when the Beatles emerged, he did nt go away he was on the London scene all thru the 60s and 70s
    … surely he must have met up with the Beatles in all that time ?
    or one of them… yet cant think I ve ever seen a pic !

  17. Hope this will help you when you start up again, brand NEW

    Hi my name is Michael Hawkins, while playing in the beatle tribute band Meet Revolver as Ringo, I saw a need for a high quality, custom fit Beatle boot. I tried other manufactures and couldn’t come up with one that would fit my 4e width. So I decided to have my own manufactured and made for those of us who have wide feet.
    They are called Revolver Boots and can be seen at can get any size and any width because each pair is custom made just for you. Both black calf leather and patten leather are available. Finally a Beatle boot that fits your foot.

    Michael Hawkins, Owner
    Revolver Boots

  18. 3 years later and still nothing.
    I don’t appreciate my name used in a negative Way Matt.

  19. Thanks, useful material. Has added your blog in bookmarks.
    How your project develops?

  20. I miss this site so much, miss my love.

  21. I was still hoping things would get back to what they are but they are still as it is.

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