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McCartney offers huge divorce settlement: report.

It looks like life may be getting a little back to normal for Paul McCartney, well almost.  It seems that the storm of his divorce will be ending soon.  I guess his pocketbook will be taking the most damage as a result of the split, and it looks like the two parties may have come, finally, to the terms of their split.

It’s boggling to look at some of these numbers and figures.  It makes you really wonder what Paul was thinking by not signing some sort of prenuptual agreement prior to his marriage to Heather Mills.  Hopefully though now that the divorce is mostly over, we will see Paul hit the road yet again and wow us with some of his new tunes live as some of the rumors have been hinting at.   Maybe we’ll see an extanded version of the setlist that Paul used for the recent promotional shows.

(Special thanks to Chris for sending in the link to us.)

Here’s what we’ve read.

Sir Paul McCartney’s bitter divorce battle is almost over, with ex-wife Heather Mills set to receive a 70 million pound ($163 million) settlement, reports say.

British tabloid The Daily Mail reports that the terms of the settlement will require Miss Mills, 39, not to speak publicly about the marriage breakdown.

Miss Mills, who split from the former Beatle in May last year, will reportedly receive a lump sum payment of 15 million pounds ($35 million) and annual payments of 3.5 million pounds($8 million).

If you take into account that the couple were married for just under four years, it equates to Mills earning approximately $115,000 for every day she spent living with her husband.

If the figure is accurate, the settlement will be the largest in British history.

McCartney will also pay for daughter Beatrice’s education, but the divorce settlement is understood to include a clause that bans both parties from talking about the marriage breakdown, the paper said.

A source told the Mail the clause was McCartney’s way of ensuring Miss Mills maintained a “dignified silence” about the divorce proceedings.

In divorce papers leaked to the press last year, Miss Mills accused McCartney of assaulting her, drinking heavily, smoking cannabis and banning her from breastfeeding her daughter.

Relations between the couple have reportedly thawed since last year’s tense stand off, but lawyers are still standing by in case the agreement falls apart at the last minute, according to the newspaper.

The report came a day after an article in London’s The Times said Miss Mills had rejected a 20 million pound ($46.5 million) offer from McCartney.

According to that report, Miss Mills said she would accept a 50 million pound ($116 million) settlement. A source told the paper that the divorce would almost certainly end up in the courts.



12 Responses

  1. she’s disgusting. she honestly makes me feel extremely nauseous.


  3. Paul’s lack of judgement cost him dearly didn’t it? That’s what you get trying to act like you’re 30 when you were 60…you get hoodwinked. Heather can now just go away but since they have a kid, she’ll never be out of his life. Now Paul, try hanging out with someone your own age and with similar interests…preferrably someone so filthy rich that she won’t be after any money. Just some common advice…

  4. i hope it will soon end….i am sick ofthis shits

  5. Wow, that is a lot of money! He must really want to get it over with and get her out if he’s willing to pay that much! I never had a good feeling about her, she seams kind of, how do I put it, evil?


  7. veronica, leave her alone..what do you want????


  9. ok, i read and answered all your emails. what next?

  10. Ohh, cmon this is a headache, the slut of heather trying to steal from paul, he did no harm to anyone.

  11. this soap opera must end now, i am sorry for all the silly posts that i did here. it is all over now. the facts are this: 1. ulla is miss prym. 2. i pretended to be ulla on some posts here. 3. ulla also posted as me, she said all the bad things about him. 4. i posted as awc1967 to embarrass him, most of his posts are me. 5.ulla and awc1967 are only internet friends, but ulla wants more from him, but he is happily married and ulla has to accept that. 6. i was hoping he and i could be internet friends but he and ulla are that., so i will give them their space. 7. we all have sent angry emails to one another, but it has stopped a while back. 8. i am sorry for all this mess and from now on, i will post nice, thank you .

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