Imagine: Lennon in TV ad 28 years after his death + VIDEO.

It’s all a little outrageous don’t you think?  I mean I know that they have revived Elvis, Roy Orbison,  and Frank Sinatra, but I don’t they’ve ever done aything truly like this.  I have never seen a dead celebrity used to promote a movement. Personally, I think this ad is in truly poor taste.

Somehow, I just feel uncomfortable about all of this.  I guess if Yoko gives her blessing, then it’s OK.  Somehow I just don’t think I can justify it that’s all.  The more times I watch it, the sicker to my stomach I get actually.

Plus, you’d think they’d find a guy to do a better voice imitation. 

  • What are your thoughts on this ad?  See it below. 

Here’s what we’ve read.

Imagine, John Lennon makes a television commercial for charity — 28 years after his death.

Through the use of digital technology, the former Beatle urges people across the United States to support a campaign by “One Laptop per Child” to deliver tough, solar-powered XO laptop computers to the world’s poorest children.

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Inebriated Lennon tape grab 30k at auction with AUDIO.

John Lennon and his wife Yoko Ono, seen here in 1969 at a Paris Flea Market.

No this may not have been John Lennon’s finest hour, but it certainly is a fun listen.  If you haven’t heard any of the bootleg or outtakes from John’s fabled “lost weekend” then you me dear friends are in for a fun inebriated ride.  I personally find the drunken ramblings of an ex-Beatle playing the moldy oldies quite hillarious.  You have to give John credit for trying to get through these.  Ahh to have been a fly on the wall.  The “lost weekend” outtakes are some of my favorites out there.

Plus, it’s really funny to hear John sing about nipples.  Enjoy!  The tape has been leaked onto youtube in both stereo and mono.  To those of you who are fans of the Lost Lennon radio tapes show this tape should sound a little familiar.

John Lennon – Just Because (mono)

Here’s what we’ve read.

Maybe it wasn’t John Lennon’s best musical effort, but a tape of an apparently inebriated Lennon warbling a cover of Lloyd Price’s “Just Because” brought a sobering $30,000 at auction Sunday in Los Angeles.

John Lennon and his wife Yoko Ono, seen here in 1969 at a Paris Flea Market.

New McCartney/Fireman album to be re-issued.

Folks, if you have not already purchased, or gotten Paul’s newest album, Electric Arguments, then you may have a reason to hold off.  Or,  if you are a collector of all-things Beatle related, then you may have an excuse to get a second copy for your shelf.  It looks like Paul is, yet again, re-issuing his album in another format.  Do we really need another version of the same album?

Paul McCartney Fireman

Probably not, but this album is so good, we just may have to buy it twice.  Yeah, we really do like it that much!

Here’s what we’ve read.

Save up those pennies, folks. The Paul McCartney-Youth Fireman album “Electric Arguments,” already available on CD, in mp3 form and on vinyl LP, has been in stores on CD just about a month and we’re told it’s already being reissued. McCartney’s press office tells us the slipcase is changing and new copies will be in stores, either in the UK or U.S.,  this coming week.

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The White Album: 40 Years Later

As the year draws to a close many of us spend time reflecting on the year, and our own past(s). As 2008 draws to a close it is a time to look back and celebrate a year, and usher in a new beginning.  Many times we are caught looking back to a time of yesteryear.  For some, it’s a way to relish a past that we were not able to experience first-hand.

In this way we are able to celebrate a collected past and come together.  This year, we celebrate the storied and varied anniversary of the Beatles’ White Album.  While I, personally, was not around to experience it first-hand this essay allows me to relive the magic once again.

As we look towards the time of year where the white stuff is flying in the air for some, we look back at the panorama of rock and roll that is The Beatles’ White Album.

Special thanks to John Kays for sending me the link to his wonderful article.

Here’s what we’ve read.

1968 was a year of dramatic change. A few of those pivotal events were: the Tet Offensive, the Paris war protests in May, the killing of both Martin Luther King, Jr. and Robert F. Kennedy, as well as a blossoming partnership between John Lennon and Yoko Ono. I will link a helpful timeline of 1968 for you, so that you can gain a working knowledge of events for that turbulent year. The Beatles` White Album, which turned forty a few weeks ago, was a quintessential reflection of that era; I still remember that day (11/25/`68) clearly as if it was yesterday. This double album contains, by way of kinetic expression in pop song, much of the energy of 1968.

Now rewind the fragile reel tape back to the day. Just a week before a comment from a colleague at Jesuit Prep piqued my interest, “Did you hear John, that a new Beatles` album is set for release next week?” I got in gear and did some yard work to earn ‘record money’ and also rolled some quarters, dimes, and nickels in anticipation of B-Day. I was fidgety for several days, and invented ways in my mind that the new songs might possibly sound. I reviewed all of the older records so that I would be well oiled to make accurate assessments for the new release. This was a Standard Operating Procedure of that day.

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12 Days of Beatle Christmas: Second Day- Paul ‘s Electric Arguments

Paul McCartney is arguably on the greatest streak of his solo career with the latest installment in his catalog.  OK, OK we know that this is not an “official” McCartney album, but it is by far his most accessible Fireman long-play.  It is also our dear Paul at his most adventurous.  It’s almost as if he was listening to his people this time.  I can imagine them saying, take those risks, Paul.  When you think you’ve gone too far out there, go out a little further.  It’s exactly the type of album that I’ve always wanted Paul to make. 

Electric Arguments cover

If you haven’t gotten it yet, and why not people?  Then you have to have it in your  Christmas stocking. Maybe the elves will leave you a McCartney treat.  The reviews have been nothing but stellar.  Any McCartney fan worth their salt should be buying this album for their music friends.

Here’s the scoop on the album if you haven’t read enough about it yet.

Electric Arguments is the third album by The Fireman, an experimental music duo comprising Paul McCartney and producer Youth. The album was first announced September 29, 2008, on Paul McCartney’s Web site, and was released on November 24, 2008.[1] It is the first Fireman release to be publicly acknowledged by McCartney, and the album cover features both names of the contributors.

The album, unlike the earlier albums, features prominent vocals. Each song on the album was recorded in one day, the album itself done in only thirteen days, spread over the course of a year.[1]

It debuted at #79 on the UK Album Charts, marking the first appearance for The Fireman in the British charts. They also made their inaugural appearance on the Billboard 200, reaching #67.

The duo borrowed the title “Electric Arguments” from the poem “Kansas City to St. Louis” by Allen Ginsberg.[2] Ginsberg describes driving along the highway in a “white Volkswagen” (i.e., a “beetle”) while listening to music and call-in shows on the radio and looking at signs and billboards:

“Michelle, John Lennon & Paul McCartney / wooing the decade / gaps from the 30s returned / Old earth rolling mile after mile patient / The ground / I roll on / the ground / the music soars above / The ground electric arguments / ray over / The ground dotted with signs for Dave’s Eat Eat”[3]

Thus, “electric arguments” refers both to the radio waves carrying talk-show arguments and also to illuminated billboards and neon signs.

Notably, the album contains songs titled “Traveling Light” and “Highway” (apparently echoing the Ginsberg poem). Also, in the brief few lines at issue, the poem contains a three-time repetition of the phrase “the ground” in the context of “electric arguments” “over” (and Beatles music “soar[ing] above”) the ground; and, indeed, The Fireman’s first album consisted solely of variations on McCartney’s album Off the Ground.

Contents [hide]
1 Track listing
2 Release history
3 References
4 External links

[edit] Track listing
All tracks written by Paul McCartney.

“Nothing Too Much Just out of Sight” – 4:55
An edited version premiered on Radio One on 9/29/08.[4]
“Two Magpies” – 2:12
“Sing the Changes” – 3:44
“Travelling Light” – 5:06
“Highway” – 4:17
“Light From Your Lighthouse” – 2:31
“Sun is Shining” – 5:12
“Dance ‘Til We’re High” – 3:37
“Lifelong Passion” – 4:49
Was available briefly as a charity download for Adopt-A-Minefield.[5]
“Is this Love?” – 5:52
“Lovers in a Dream” – 5:22
“Universal Here, Everlasting Now” – 5:05
“Don’t Stop Running” – 10:31
The song ends at 5:54; a bonus track (the style of which resembles earlier works by The Fireman) begins 7:57
“Sawain Ambient Acapella (iTunes Bonus Track)” – 4:53

Here’s what we’ve read.


HMV are very proud to announce that music legend Sir Paul McCartney will make a personal appearance at their London Oxford Circus flagship store, 150 Oxford Street next Sunday, 21st December 2008 between 10.00am – 11.00am to sign copies of ‘Electric Arguments’, the new highly critically acclaimed album by Paul’s under the guise of The Fireman.

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12 Days of Beatle Christmas: First Day – Beatles Monopoly

Christmastime is here again my friends!  We all have wish lists for Santa Claus, and for most that wish list is topped by Beatle memorabilia galore.  This is the time of year that it’s always easy to shop for a Beatle-maniac.  There is a bevy of items that any Fab Four fanatic would love to own.  Some of these items are collectible, and some will become collectibles in the near future.  Others still are fun things that any Beatle fan can score for a loved one and not break the bank at all.

On the first day of X-mas my true love gave to me…a copy of Beatles monopoly.

Not since the 1960’s, with the Flip Your Wig Game, have Beatle fans had the opportunity to participate in family game night together.  Most parents in the 1960’s wouldn’t hold any interest in Flipping their Wigs, but the folks at USAopoly have combined two cultural instituions into one game that’s fun for Beatle and monopoly fans alike.

We were most impressed with the way the gane incorporated the look and feel of the songs and albums of The Beatles without spoiling the fun of playing monopoly at the same time.  We had “tested” out the game by playing with hardcore Beatle fans and people that just loved board games.  The novelty of playing a Beatles game was a delight.  It was a joy to delve back into the Beatles catalog by collecting albums at the same time with game pieces that felt like memorabilia itself.  Several folks laughed every time their turn came up and someone asked “who’s the walrus?”

The game is a great way to crack out family game night and put a rock and roll feel to it.  We have now hosted a family game night, but never before had a listening party, as the game’s “houses” are so aptly named.  Each time a monopoly was made we switched the ipod to a Beatles song from that album.  It was a great way to listen to the back catalog as we played along to the game.  We were able to stay away from the “Taxman” until late in the game, and even watched concert videos on youtube each time a concert ticket was landed on.  The game really allowed us new avenues to celebrate all things Beatle.  The references aren’t that obscure either.  Most everyone playing, Beatle fan or not, got the references.

Like most of the collector’s editions of the Monopoly games, the Fab Four edition is nothing short of fun.  The game presents its own sense of style with beautiful artwork, song-related pewter pieces, and Beatles-related artwork galore.  If you are looking for that gift for the Beatles’ fan that has it all, then this is a nice place to start.  In the Christmas card with this gift, though, promise to play a game or two with them as a condition of buying them the game.  It’s loads of fun for the entire family.  Unless of course, you’re one of those fans that likes to keep their copy of the game sealed.  We’ve bought two copies in our household, just in case it becomes a rarity in the near future.

You can purchase your copy of the Beatles monopoly game at the Beatles official website, amazon, and at your local retailer in the games section.  For a modest $39.99 it a fine addition for family game night in any household.

Here’s what we’ve read.

The Beatles Collector’s Edition of Monopoly celebrates the music that revolutionized rock-n-roll in the 20th century. This Completely customized game features Apple and Abbey Road Studios along with every album released by the Beatles allowing fans to create their own private music anthology. Enjoy and sing along to the timeless music that has transcended generations as you collect the White Album, Revolver, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and more.

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12 Days of Beatles Christmas begins tomorrow.

Ladies and gentlemen it’s a good time to be a fan of the Fab Four.  I’m not ashamed to admit that I enjoy the treasure trove of Beatles-related products.  Yes, it’s a bit money grubbing, and capitalistic of the Beatle-clan to be hawking goods that most of us do not need at all, but that’s always been part of the fun of being a Beatle fan.

Admit it to yourself, you collect the goods.  Yes, some of this stuff may cost an arm and a leg sometimes. Yes, you have bought the same albums over and over, but there’s something alluring about having to collect it all.

Over the course of the next few days leading up to Christmas we will post our own reviews of the latest Beatle products to fill your xmas stockings.  I wish we were able to report on new remastered releases, but that will have to wait for next year.  We are a few days short of 12, so we will have more than one item on a few different days, so stay tuned.

For now though, these latest Beatle goods will have to suffice for our next Beatle fixes.  Stay tuned tomorrow for the first in our series of the 12 Days of Beatle Christmas.

Here’s what we’ve read.

You’re not putting the porno in the paper are you?”

The comment, by the collector’s wife, pipes into the basement from upstairs. She’s joking, kind of.

Her husband has amassed one of the most comprehensive privately owned collections of Beatles paraphernalia. He keeps it in the basement of their Kansas City-area home. The ever-expanding bounty is an ongoing source of jovial consternation.

“The porno” is a reference to a prized item among his thousands — a framed line drawing by John Lennon.

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