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As part of this month's MOJO magazine front cover and
main feature 'The 101 Greatest Beatles Songs' there is a brand new interview with Paul between the pages 86 and 88.

Beatles_coversPaul discusses his own favourite Beatles songs, stories of recording techniques and 'good accidents', the MOJO No1 'A Day In The Life' and The Beatles 'perfectly completed body of work'.

The Top 10 tracks from the MOJO 101 Greatest Beatles Songs was as follows:

10. Hard Days Night
9. Penny Lane
8. Happiness Is A Warm Gun
7. Something
6. In My Life
5. She Love You
4. Tomorrow Never Knows
3. Yesterday
2. Strawberry Fields Forever
1. A Day In The Life

Here's more description of the articles found in the Beatles bonanza:

How do you distil the career of the greatest pop band ever into one track that tops a body of work which has defined the very way in which we think about music?

101 GREATEST BEATLE SONGS This month MOJO Magazine corrals a legion of Beatles' fans – some rather famous – and get them to vote for their favourite Fab Four track. From R&B rip-snorters to avant-rock freakouts, perfect pop to primal screams, MOJO's 101 Greatest Beatles Songs countdown presents pure Beatle brilliance, picked, pruned and praised to the skies by an all-star panel including Noel Gallagher, Yoko Ono, U2, Ozzy, Paul Weller, Arcade Fire and many more musical gratefuls.

THE STORY OF REVOLVER 40 years on, how the Beatles wrought rock 'n' roll's first sonic revolution. By Barry Miles, engineer Geoff Emerick, and sleeve artist Klaus Voormann. And! Paul McCartney on the Beatles songs that still make him say "I wrote that?!"

MOJO presents this unique tribute to a masterpiece album by featuring newly recorded covers of the 14 original tracks, including Ed Harcourt, The Handsome Family , Thea Gilmore and more.

Source: MOJO Magazine


10 Responses

  1. “Happiness is a Warm Gun?” How’d that get on the list?

    If the slot needed to go to a Lennon song from the White Album, why not “Yer Blues,” “Revolution” (either version), “Julia,” “I’m So Tired,” or “Dear Prudence?” “Happiness is a Warm Gun” was just a cut or two above “Why Don’t We Do it in the Road?”

    I haven’t located this Mojo yet, but hopefully it’ll show up at Borders. But judging from the top ten, maybe my blood pressure can’t take it.

  2. Revolution No.1 would have my vote over Happines any day of the week. Kind of a weird pick there. I agree.

  3. No “Hey Jude” or “Eleanor Rigby”? Come on…

  4. Take a sad song and make it better…..maybe the song was too long to fit on that short list….HA HA HA HA

  5. Hey, Happiness Is A Warm Gun is in my top ten too. Great song. 🙂

  6. The later stuff was good – but the early stuff is what hooked me, especially:
    “I Should Have Known Better”
    “If I Fell”
    “Not A Second Time”
    and even a cover “Please Mister Postman”

  7. It is a great list, and lists are always fascinating, especially this one as each celeb gives his reasons and lists other Beatles songs that do it for them, too.
    Some of the big songs for me are And I love Her – surely one of the most gorgeous loves songs written, ever – timeless and to think it was written in 1964 – it sounds as fresh now as it ever did.
    Things We Said Today
    You Cant Do That
    I’ve Just Seen A Face
    This Boy

    to name but a few precious gems

  8. Did bot mention that these tracks I listed dont appear on the list, which is why i mention ’em!

  9. Did not mention that these tracks I listed dont appear on the list, which is why i mention ’em!

  10. wow. the top 3 are actually my 3 favorite beatles songs, in that same order too.

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