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Regular posting will return on Tuesday.  Happy Memorial Day to all you U.S. readers out there!

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Expert says The Beatles’ full story still to be told.

There are a million books about the Fab Four.  There are a ton of them out there.  They run the gambit between exquisite, and a shambles.  There is one scholar who time and time again has really set himself apart though.  There are Beatle authors, and then there is Mark Lewisohn.  His work really sits above all the rest.  There are no other Beatle books like his.  They define essential.

Beatles expert Mark Lewisohn gives a talk at the Beatles story exhibition

Mark Lewisohn is raising the bar yet again.  His upcoming tome on the history of The Beatles will stand as the definitive work on the Fab Four.  It’s a three-volume set, and a chronological history of our beloved group.  This title, to me, is the most anticipated Beatle-related release since the Anthology itself.  It will keep all of us fans busy for some time to come.  I, for one, cannot wait.  Maybe it’s the librarian in me, yes folks, I am a librarian by day, but I cannot wait for thsi book.  Maybe I’ll camp out on the night of its release.  

Here’s a question for you then, dear reader’s. 
What’s on your Beatle required reading list? 
Please share your favorite Beatle books in the comments below.

Here’s what we’ve read.

Their impact was felt way beyond the musical world. For that reason alone, there has probably been more written about the Beatles than any other group.

But renowned Beatles expert and professional historian Mark Lewisohn believes the full story of the four guys from Liverpool has still yet to be told.

Last night, he told an audience at the city’s first Beatles literary festival how he has undertaken a mammoth 17-year project to tell the definitive history of the group and of the times in which they lived.

Mr Lewisohn is currently hard at work on the first of what will eventually be a three-volume biography of the Fab Four, the first time any pop or rock group has been subjected to such in-depth scholarly treatment.

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Just an update for you all…Updates will be spotty at best this week.  I am on vacation all week and we are rennovating a few things around the house. 

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So sorry for the lack of updates over the weekend.  It’s been a busy one.  More updates later today.  Stay tuned.

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