VIDEO: Dhani Harrison interview on with facial hair…

Dhani Harrison of thenewno2 sings the music industry blues, the frustration of free music and the benefits of doing everything yourself via the internet.  It looks like Dhani has adopted his father’s 1970’s style mustache.  If you haven’t heard his new group’s music, it’s refreshing to hear.  It’s original, and quite the unique mix of styles, electronic and rock.  Quite surprised at how much I like it.
God, we hope he tours the U.S. this fall, as rumors tell us.  Plus, we know how much you ladies like to feast your eyes on the young Mr. Harrison, some will find the ‘stache super sexy, others may not…you be the judge.

Queen admires garden for ex-Beatle.

Her Majesty is a pretty nice girl, and apparently she had somethings to say.  You see the Queen has always been a Beatle fan.  She has been one of The Boys’ biggest supporters since day one.  The Queen was able to exchange words with Olivia Harrison, and pay respect to George Harrison.

Our Beatle loving gardeners in the UK are able to enjoy this unique homage to one of favorite people, George Harrison, who was himself an avid gardener.

Here’s what we’ve read.

The Queen met George Harrison’s widow Olivia as she explored the Chelsea Flower Show.

She stopped to admire a garden designed in memory of the former Beatle which tells a story of his life.

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Chelsea Flower Show to feature garden for Beatle George Harrison.

George Harrison would be so proud of this.  I can picture George enjoying this honor and homage moreso than receiving a Grammy award.  We all know how much he appreciated his gardening and flowers.  I can see George beaming with this honor.

It’s especially amazing how they are representing his life through the use of flowers and color.  Nice. 

Here’s what we’ve read.

The Chelsea flower show is to feature a garden dedicated to George Harrison, the late Beatle.

It is co-designed by his widow Olivia and depicts Harrison’s life in four stages – childhood, shown by a vegetable plot and a bike in rough grass; a Beatles and 1960s area; and representations of his older self and spiritual life.

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Dhani Harrison promises to tour with new band.

It looks like Beatle fans looking for some live music later this year may be in for a double feature.  We already know that Paul McCartney is rumored to be eyeing a tour for later this year.  Well, now we can add a Harrison tour to the mayhem.


Dhani Harrison will be taking his band thenewno2 on the road later this year.  It will be exciting to see his band.  The music is danceable, quirky, funny, as well as socially conscious.  It’s a perfect blend.  If you haven’t heard the band, and gotten their tracks from their release EP, or iTunes, I highly recommend it.  The similarities, I know we shouldn’t mention them, to his father are uncanny.  He sounds like his own artist finding his way though, and we really like what we hear.

Here’s a video to wet your appetite in the meantime.

thenewno2 – Another John Doe

Here’s what we’ve read.

Dhani Harrison is apparently set to follow in his father George Harrison’s footsteps with his band thenewo2.

The only son of the late Beatles guitarist formed the band with drummer Oliver Hecks and is hoping to wow industry bosses when he tours the States this year, reports the Daily Express.

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Dhani Harrison tops rich list of Britain’s young music millionaires.

Dhani should start a new group.  They can call themselves the “Young Music Millionaires.”  It really sounds like a rap super group.  It rolls off the tongue.  I think he’d find the humor in that. 

For someone who’s father preached and professed about a humble life, Dhani seems to have a good head on his sholder.  His new group is just now releasing their first LP.  The EP from a while backreally made our ears perk up.  He has the musical chops to do some really really great things.  George would be proud of his boy, not because of the money, but because of the way he carries himself.  It’s refreshing to see a rock progeny be in the spotlight, but be able to keep it together.

Now if only Dhani had his father’s green thumb as well.  We know how George like to keep his gardens.

Here’s what we’ve read.

He has yet to write a song to match Here Comes the Sun but Dhani Harrison, son of the late George Harrison, tops a rich list of Britain’s young music millionaires.

Harrison, 29, shares an estimated £160 million inheritance with his mother Olivia, according to The Sunday Times list.

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George Harrison “The Collection” due out June 24th.

We had not heard any new whatsoever about  the release of a new George Harrison collection coming out in the near future.  It is coming…

It looks like there may be hints of some king of release on the horizon however.  We do not have any details, aside from this small blurb.  Perhaps, it is a new Harrison greatest-hits package.  I hope it’s at least a double-disc affair with some outtakes or rare material. We’ll keep you posted.  If anyone hears any details, please frop us a line.

Here’s what we’ve read.

We have several ‘best of’ titles that have been date-shifted. The upcoming Billy Idol (Idolize Yourself) and the upcoming George Harrison (The Collection) discs are being moved to June 24 from the earlier June 10 date. Make your adjustments.

Source: Musictap

VIDEO: Dhani Harrison thenewno 2 “new” music video.

Dhani Harrison’s band thenewno 2 had released an EP in 2006.  It garnered good reviews, and everyone talked of his resemblance to his father.  Not only does he looks like his famous father, but he sounds like him vocally as well as in his guitar stylings.

Dhani and Oli Hecks have released a new video.  Could a full-LP be far behind?  We’ll keep you posted.  God, we love his style…

thenewno2 – Another John Doe

Check out some of their older videos after the cut…
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