Another year and no Beatles under the Christmas tree.

We all hope that Santa Claus brought you several Beatle goodies under the Christmas tree this year, and you all were able to ring in the New Year with a loved one.  The end of this year was a bit odd.  As of late, Beatle fans have had a few items to put on their Christmas wish-list.  This year was a bit unique.  We were treated to a new, and stellar, McCartney album, a Beatles monopoly game, a White Album puzzle, and the All Together Now DVD.  But really, there was no truly HUGE gift worthy item under the tree that really got us going.

There wasn’t a new album that was released as a Christmas item, there really was no big item officially from the Fabs to make us reorganize our Christmas lists. We do hope that Santa was good to you this year, and that you had a wonderful New Year, and that 2009 is a truly good one for you and yours.  We have a lot to look forward to as Beatle fans as we face a new year.  We still have the possibility of  the remastered back catalog being released and you all know how much that gets us speculating and drooling.

  • Let us know all of those goodies that Santa left under your tree. We’d love to hear in the comments below.

Here’s what we’ve read.

If you still believe in Santa Claus, you might also have expected to wake up on Christmas morning and find an iPod stocked with the long-promised reissues of all the Beatles albums. But if you know the shocking truth about Santa, you probably know that the vaunted Beatles reissues don’t exist either, outside the vaults of EMI, the group’s record label, and Apple, the company the band set up in 1967 to oversee its interests.

Other long-anticipated Apple projects, such as DVD versions of the Beatles’ Shea Stadium concert and the Let It Be film, also failed to turn up for the holidays. If you put any faith in Paul McCartney’s passing mention, in November, that the 1967 avant-garde track “Carnival of Light” might be released, don’t hold your breath: This track has been dangled before (about 10 years ago, when McCartney used it as the soundtrack of an unreleased “photofilm,” made from photographs of the Beatles taken by his first wife, Linda).

Indeed, whenever McCartney releases a new album (as he did the week “Carnival of Light” was mentioned), reports of “long-lost” Beatles tracks that “might be released” suddenly surface, but the recordings themselves do not.

Even the most believable of reports, floated by EMI insiders, proved fruitless last year. During the summer EMI was said to be preparing a deluxe remastered edition of the The Beatles (popularly known as The White Album) to celebrate the 40th anniversary of its release. The anniversary came and went, with no sign of the reissue.

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Sir Paul McCartney: sort out Beatles iTunes deal

The advent of a new year is always a time to reflect on the year(s) past, but it’s also a time to look forward as well.  As Beatle fans we have a lot to look forward to as we wait hopefully for the remastered Beatle catalog.  Fans have specculated for years.  Fans have made their own deluxe compilations, often rivaling the officially released products (ahem-Purple Chick collective).  Rumors about the fabled release of the Beatles back catalog have been around for decades now.

The time is now to release them.  Put them out on iTunes, put them out on CD, heck put them out on Blue Ray I don’t care.  Just put them out.  As the world continues to turn, The Beatles are missing the boat.  At this point the boat has come back and sailed off twice over.

With such a good set of recent releases from Paul and Ringo this past year the fire is hot.  Just put those puppies out.  I have a feeling that 2009 will bring fans a treasure of remastered material.  We’ll have to stay tuned.

Ahh the joys of being a Beatle fan.  I guess part of the pleasure is in the waiting. Happy New Year folks!

Here’s what we’ve read.

SIR Paul McCartney has called for an end to the deadlock stopping Beatles fans being able to download their back catalogue.

The Fab Four’s work is not available online due to legal wrangling between two companies – Apple Inc and Apple Corps.

The former is the firm behind iTunes and the iPod, while the latter was set up by Sir Paul with the rest of The Beatles in 1968 to look after their affairs and recordings.

He said: “I hope it happens.

“It is out of our hands, really. It is a business thing and there is some gridlock somewhere.

“It is the usual thing – when it is a Beatles deal, it is a big deal. It is not like we are just some new act.

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Imagine: Lennon in TV ad 28 years after his death + VIDEO.

It’s all a little outrageous don’t you think?  I mean I know that they have revived Elvis, Roy Orbison,  and Frank Sinatra, but I don’t they’ve ever done aything truly like this.  I have never seen a dead celebrity used to promote a movement. Personally, I think this ad is in truly poor taste.

Somehow, I just feel uncomfortable about all of this.  I guess if Yoko gives her blessing, then it’s OK.  Somehow I just don’t think I can justify it that’s all.  The more times I watch it, the sicker to my stomach I get actually.

Plus, you’d think they’d find a guy to do a better voice imitation. 

  • What are your thoughts on this ad?  See it below. 

Here’s what we’ve read.

Imagine, John Lennon makes a television commercial for charity — 28 years after his death.

Through the use of digital technology, the former Beatle urges people across the United States to support a campaign by “One Laptop per Child” to deliver tough, solar-powered XO laptop computers to the world’s poorest children.

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Inebriated Lennon tape grab 30k at auction with AUDIO.

John Lennon and his wife Yoko Ono, seen here in 1969 at a Paris Flea Market.

No this may not have been John Lennon’s finest hour, but it certainly is a fun listen.  If you haven’t heard any of the bootleg or outtakes from John’s fabled “lost weekend” then you me dear friends are in for a fun inebriated ride.  I personally find the drunken ramblings of an ex-Beatle playing the moldy oldies quite hillarious.  You have to give John credit for trying to get through these.  Ahh to have been a fly on the wall.  The “lost weekend” outtakes are some of my favorites out there.

Plus, it’s really funny to hear John sing about nipples.  Enjoy!  The tape has been leaked onto youtube in both stereo and mono.  To those of you who are fans of the Lost Lennon radio tapes show this tape should sound a little familiar.

John Lennon – Just Because (mono)

Here’s what we’ve read.

Maybe it wasn’t John Lennon’s best musical effort, but a tape of an apparently inebriated Lennon warbling a cover of Lloyd Price’s “Just Because” brought a sobering $30,000 at auction Sunday in Los Angeles.

John Lennon and his wife Yoko Ono, seen here in 1969 at a Paris Flea Market.

The Beatles and iTunes: A question of money?

It’s so amazing to me that all of this is taking so long.  I mean, it would be one thing if The Beatles were holding out on releasing the back catalog in a digital format due to remastering issues.  Or, they were working out a scheme to really knock our socks off with a new lead-off single (ala Carnival of Light, or Now and Then) to kick-off the campaign which would usher in the Fab Four onto the digital marketplace.

That, folks, does not seem to be the case.  Perhaps, the Apple record people, and our beloved Fab Four are singing that old tune… “Now give me money….that’s what I want…”

It would all really be a shame if that’s what all the foot dragging is all about.  How much money is too much at this point?  When is it all really enough?  Just put the songs out please.  I don’t care if it’s iTunes, or CD’s, or even freakin’ eight-tracks.  I just want to hear the back catalog in a remastered format that does it some justice.  It’s way too long overdue.

For now…it’s all about the money.

Here’s what we’ve read.

Last we checked, the full catalog of Beatles songs was supposed to be available for sale on the iTunes Store before the end of 2008.

Well, it’s not happening this year, according to one of the band’s two surviving members, and for all we know it may never happen.

“The last word I got back was it’s stalled at the whole moment, the whole process,” Paul McCartney told reporters gathered Monday for the media launch of his latest album, Electric Arguments. (link)

Where’s Fake Steve Jobs when we need him?

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Lost Harrison audio interview unearthed.

It seems that a recently unearthed interview with George Harrison is pushing Martin Scorsese to move on his planned George Harrison biopic.  From what we have gathered about this alleged interview, George really hangs it all out in this interview.  For someone who was known to be relatively quiet and reserved in the public eye and with interviewers, this is a refreshing find.

it is more a move that you’d expect from John lennon, ala his famous Rolling Stone interview done after The Beatles broke up.  George is candid, honest, and open to talking about all topics that are on his mind.  Hopefully, this interview will make its way out into the public, or at least in the new film. 

We’ll have to wait and see.

Here’s what we’ve read.

Details of a revealing interview with Beatles guitarist George Harrison have come to light after 40 years.

The reel-to-reel tapes have been stored by former journalist Miranda Ward since she talked to Harrison in 1967.

Film director David Lambert, who has heard the recordings, said: “It was really the meaning of life according to George Harrison in 1967.”

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Olivia Harrison is torn over decision to release Carnival of Light.

Well folks as more and more momentum, and new about the long-talked about Beatles’ the long lost Beatles track, Carnival of Light, comes out.  It seems that not everyone is as excited to release it.  We all know quite well that George Harrison had reservations about putting this track on the Anthology project, and his dissent it what nixed us from hearing it all those years ago.

As more and more news comes out, Olivia Harrison is voicing concerns of her own about the track itself.  We all know that all Beatle projects need to be voted on unanimously amongst all of the powers that be.  We could be waiting even longer to hear this track, unless Olivia changes her mind.  Hopefully, we will all get a chance to hear the lost legendary track.  For now the rumor mill continues, and we wait even longer.

Here’s what we’ve read.

SIR PAUL McCARTNEY’s plan to put out an unheard BEATLES’ track has been dealt a setback – his former bandmate GEORGE HARRISON’s widow OLIVIA is reportedly undecided about agreeing to its release.

McCartney announced earlier this week (17Nov08) he wanted fans to finally hear the Fab Four’s 1967 experimental tune Carnival of Light.

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