Beatles’ contract with Brian Epstein up for auction.

Oh to have unlimited funds.  You see, my dear readers, I am but a lowly public servant.  While money is good with the job I have, we do not have exorbidant amounts to spend on rock memorabilia.  Maybe one day I will win the lottery, and then my profession would simply be “That Guy WhoCollects Really Cool Beatles’ Stuff.”  That would be something.  I would be the envy of most everyone.  Well for now I can drool.

Checkout the Fame Bureau auction site for complete details, and more information about all the items up for auction.

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  •  The BBC has posted an article on this awesome auction as well.

Here’s what we’ve read.

The Beatles’ first fully signed contract with manager Brian Epstein is expected to raise 250,000 pounds ($476,000) when it comes up for auction in London in September.

Epstein’s personal copy of the historic document will be included in auctioneer The Fame Bureau’s Sept. 4 sale of rock and pop memorabilia at the Idea Generation Gallery in east London, said an e-mailed statement issued on behalf of the specialist auction house.

The contract, which entitled the manager to 25 percent of the band’s gross earnings, was signed by Epstein on Oct. 1, 1962, after he secured the Beatles’ first record agreement with EMI.

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Weird Brian Epstein photo.

We all know that Brian Epstein was instrumental in The Beatles’ success. He was the business mastermind that was able to help shape their career and likeness into a product for the masses.

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He was a manager for several other groups in the music industry, and a successful man. Listed on his biography at, though, is Brian with a picture of Eric Clapton’s supergroup Cream. Doesn’t that seem a little odd to you? You’d think they would post a Beatle photo there. Weird, but at least it’s a cool picture.

I know NEMS signed Cream, but you’d think they’d post a Beatle pic there instead. Strange choice.

Biographer confirms Lennon Affair with Epstein

I guess you really do have to “hide your love away.”  Maybe it happened maybe it didn’t.  We’ll never know for sure.  You never know.  John Lennon could’ve lied to Hunter Davies for a lark.  (Haven’t used that word in a long time.)  Anyway, here’s what we’ve heard.  We’ll have to read the book when it comes out.

The late JOHN LENNON had a one night stand with THE BEATLES’ gay manager BRIAN EPSTEIN in 1963, according to the band’s official biographer HUNTER DAVIES. In Davies’ forthcoming memoirs THE BEATLES, FOOTBALL AND ME he claims Lennon once told him of his night of passion with Epstein in Barcelona, Spain. At the time, Lennon’s first wife CYNTHIA had recently given birth to their son JULIAN. Davies writes, “John wasn’t a homosexual but he was daft enough to try anything once.” Lennon was shot dead by MARK DAVID CHAPMAN in 1980; Epstein died of a drug overdose in 1968.

Source: Contact Music