Sir Paul McCartney: sort out Beatles iTunes deal

The advent of a new year is always a time to reflect on the year(s) past, but it’s also a time to look forward as well.  As Beatle fans we have a lot to look forward to as we wait hopefully for the remastered Beatle catalog.  Fans have specculated for years.  Fans have made their own deluxe compilations, often rivaling the officially released products (ahem-Purple Chick collective).  Rumors about the fabled release of the Beatles back catalog have been around for decades now.

The time is now to release them.  Put them out on iTunes, put them out on CD, heck put them out on Blue Ray I don’t care.  Just put them out.  As the world continues to turn, The Beatles are missing the boat.  At this point the boat has come back and sailed off twice over.

With such a good set of recent releases from Paul and Ringo this past year the fire is hot.  Just put those puppies out.  I have a feeling that 2009 will bring fans a treasure of remastered material.  We’ll have to stay tuned.

Ahh the joys of being a Beatle fan.  I guess part of the pleasure is in the waiting. Happy New Year folks!

Here’s what we’ve read.

SIR Paul McCartney has called for an end to the deadlock stopping Beatles fans being able to download their back catalogue.

The Fab Four’s work is not available online due to legal wrangling between two companies – Apple Inc and Apple Corps.

The former is the firm behind iTunes and the iPod, while the latter was set up by Sir Paul with the rest of The Beatles in 1968 to look after their affairs and recordings.

He said: “I hope it happens.

“It is out of our hands, really. It is a business thing and there is some gridlock somewhere.

“It is the usual thing – when it is a Beatles deal, it is a big deal. It is not like we are just some new act.

“When you are talking about iTunes, obviously we have got to get a great deal. I think we are right, because we are The Beatles!

“It is being held up, but I definitely hope it comes through because it is about time it happened.

“We have been goofing around enough, so if you are reading this, whoever is holding it up, stop it!”

Sir Paul recently released Electric Arguments, his third album with Youth under their Fireman name.

It is the first to feature vocals from the former Wings frontman after their previous two offerings, Strawberries Oceans Ships Forest and Rushes, were full of ambient instrumental music.

Sir Paul’s involvement on the last two albums were only confirmed by then-label EMI after some time had passed.

Their latest work was written and recorded in “about 13 days”.

Sir Paul said: “We do not count the days, we do not bother with that. We just go in my studio in Sussex, then if I have got a week spare I might do something, or we might leave it a week and then go in another day.”

Sir Paul said the name Fireman was used because his “reputation walks ahead of you”.

He added: “It can get in the way sometimes.

“It is enough of a trick to make you look at things differently.

“With Electric Arguments, I was thinking ‘this can go any way, because this is The Fireman, and he can do anything he wants’.”



Founded by the Beatles in 1967, Apple was intended to offer help to struggling writers, musicians and writers.

There were many divisions to Apple, including Apple Films and Apple Records, as well as Zapple, a spoken word arm.

Its biggest signing apart from the Beatles were the group Badfinger, who scored a hit with the McCartney-penned Come and Get It in 1969.

After the Beatles’ partnership was legally dissolved in 1975, Apple Corps continued to trade and reaps 80% of all profits from Beatles records


Formed in 1976 by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, Apple launched its first computer in July of that year, priced $666.

The company became a household name in 1984 with the launch of the Macintosh, the first personal computer with a mouse.

The California-based electronics giant has a series of other firsts to its name, including a prototype laptop, the Macintosh Portable, and the Newton, the world’s first personal digital assistant.

Its biggest successes of recent years have been the introduction of the iPod music player and the iPhone.

The company employs 32,000 people worldwide and made $32bn in sales this year. It has a net income to date of $4.83bn.

Source: Liverpool Echo


3 Responses

  1. Crazy things.

  2. I’m a huge fan of Paul’s latest album as The Fireman (Electric Arguments.)

    Anyway – on The Beatles catalog being re-released on CD (and available on for download sales) Yes. Really, when are they going to get this done? I’m sure they could sell a boat load. I know I would be tempted to repurchase every single thing they did if they came out with remastered versions.

    Also I want to hear “Carnival of Light.” As part of releasing their stuff again they should include an album of unreleased stuff and of course include “Carnival of Light” and that 20 minute version of “Helter Skelter.” Just get it all out there.

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