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New McCartney/Fireman album to be re-issued.

Folks, if you have not already purchased, or gotten Paul’s newest album, Electric Arguments, then you may have a reason to hold off.  Or,  if you are a collector of all-things Beatle related, then you may have an excuse to get a second copy for your shelf.  It looks like Paul is, yet again, re-issuing his album in another format.  Do we really need another version of the same album?

Paul McCartney Fireman

Probably not, but this album is so good, we just may have to buy it twice.  Yeah, we really do like it that much!

Here’s what we’ve read.

Save up those pennies, folks. The Paul McCartney-Youth Fireman album “Electric Arguments,” already available on CD, in mp3 form and on vinyl LP, has been in stores on CD just about a month and we’re told it’s already being reissued. McCartney’s press office tells us the slipcase is changing and new copies will be in stores, either in the UK or U.S.,  this coming week.

And that’s not all. A deluxe version, containing the vinyl album, the regular CD, a seven-track CD with bonus mixes and remixes, a DVD containing hi-definition audio recordings and multi-track session files for some album tracks that allow you to mix your own Fireman, an art print and exclusive booklet and file downloads, is available for $79.95 through McCartney’s website.

The album was named Album of the Month in issue 358 of Record Collector magazine, which just hit the stands in the UK.

Even though the Fireman album that has deservedly gotten such good reviews and is Paul McCartney’s best album in years, its chart history hasn’t been very hot. Right now, it sits at #177 on the Billboard 200 album chart after 3 weeks. It peaked at #67.

Source: UK Examiner


3 Responses

  1. Well, I hope they don’t commercialize the cover art or anything just to milk it for more sale. It’s just so cheap. This is an arty kind of album and McCartney don’t really need the money or to be number one in the charts. People who care about music will get it anyway, It just takes a little more time, compared to if you do more promotion for it. Sometimes McCartney is to concered about fast selling albums. Don’t worry, Paul, the album is a success. Musically speaking. You don’t have to be in the top ten. : )

  2. I’d be in favor of anything that gets more people to hear this great album…though endless reissues are usually just to milk the public. He certainly doesn’t need the money, so I think it’s more of a reaction to so many folks saying he should have released this as a regular Macca solo effort… and… because it’s got great reviews, but sold fairly lousy as it was a Fireman album. Great album. Get it if you don’t have it. Blessings!!

  3. In a way I think it’s nice to have an obscure McCartney album that everybody doesn’t know. It’s a shame when marketing is more important than the music on the record. People should check music out for themself more often and not just buy what the commercials tell them to buy. That’s how it used to be, before marketing overfloaded the market and made it possible to sell bad music because of a good marketing campaign.

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