12 Days of Beatle Christmas: Second Day- Paul ‘s Electric Arguments

Paul McCartney is arguably on the greatest streak of his solo career with the latest installment in his catalog.  OK, OK we know that this is not an “official” McCartney album, but it is by far his most accessible Fireman long-play.  It is also our dear Paul at his most adventurous.  It’s almost as if he was listening to his people this time.  I can imagine them saying, take those risks, Paul.  When you think you’ve gone too far out there, go out a little further.  It’s exactly the type of album that I’ve always wanted Paul to make. 

Electric Arguments cover

If you haven’t gotten it yet, and why not people?  Then you have to have it in your  Christmas stocking. Maybe the elves will leave you a McCartney treat.  The reviews have been nothing but stellar.  Any McCartney fan worth their salt should be buying this album for their music friends.

Here’s the scoop on the album if you haven’t read enough about it yet.

Electric Arguments is the third album by The Fireman, an experimental music duo comprising Paul McCartney and producer Youth. The album was first announced September 29, 2008, on Paul McCartney’s Web site, and was released on November 24, 2008.[1] It is the first Fireman release to be publicly acknowledged by McCartney, and the album cover features both names of the contributors.

The album, unlike the earlier albums, features prominent vocals. Each song on the album was recorded in one day, the album itself done in only thirteen days, spread over the course of a year.[1]

It debuted at #79 on the UK Album Charts, marking the first appearance for The Fireman in the British charts. They also made their inaugural appearance on the Billboard 200, reaching #67.

The duo borrowed the title “Electric Arguments” from the poem “Kansas City to St. Louis” by Allen Ginsberg.[2] Ginsberg describes driving along the highway in a “white Volkswagen” (i.e., a “beetle”) while listening to music and call-in shows on the radio and looking at signs and billboards:

“Michelle, John Lennon & Paul McCartney / wooing the decade / gaps from the 30s returned / Old earth rolling mile after mile patient / The ground / I roll on / the ground / the music soars above / The ground electric arguments / ray over / The ground dotted with signs for Dave’s Eat Eat”[3]

Thus, “electric arguments” refers both to the radio waves carrying talk-show arguments and also to illuminated billboards and neon signs.

Notably, the album contains songs titled “Traveling Light” and “Highway” (apparently echoing the Ginsberg poem). Also, in the brief few lines at issue, the poem contains a three-time repetition of the phrase “the ground” in the context of “electric arguments” “over” (and Beatles music “soar[ing] above”) the ground; and, indeed, The Fireman’s first album consisted solely of variations on McCartney’s album Off the Ground.

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2 Release history
3 References
4 External links

[edit] Track listing
All tracks written by Paul McCartney.

“Nothing Too Much Just out of Sight” – 4:55
An edited version premiered on Radio One on 9/29/08.[4]
“Two Magpies” – 2:12
“Sing the Changes” – 3:44
“Travelling Light” – 5:06
“Highway” – 4:17
“Light From Your Lighthouse” – 2:31
“Sun is Shining” – 5:12
“Dance ‘Til We’re High” – 3:37
“Lifelong Passion” – 4:49
Was available briefly as a charity download for Adopt-A-Minefield.[5]
“Is this Love?” – 5:52
“Lovers in a Dream” – 5:22
“Universal Here, Everlasting Now” – 5:05
“Don’t Stop Running” – 10:31
The song ends at 5:54; a bonus track (the style of which resembles earlier works by The Fireman) begins 7:57
“Sawain Ambient Acapella (iTunes Bonus Track)” – 4:53

Here’s what we’ve read.


HMV are very proud to announce that music legend Sir Paul McCartney will make a personal appearance at their London Oxford Circus flagship store, 150 Oxford Street next Sunday, 21st December 2008 between 10.00am – 11.00am to sign copies of ‘Electric Arguments’, the new highly critically acclaimed album by Paul’s under the guise of The Fireman.

Not all music fans may be aware that the creative force behind the acclaimed music project The Fireman is none other than Paul McCartney, who has collaborated on the concept periodically with influential record producer ‘Youth’ since 1993. Their latest album Electric Arguments is an eclectic and varied album consisting of thirteen tracks recorded in thirteen days over the period of nearly a year. Each track was written and recorded in the space of one day. The Fireman went into the studio with no plan or clear direction of how they wanted the album to sound. The project took a life of its own and the results will surprise anyone expecting to hear the previous sound of the band.

Paul will visit HMV’s flagship store to sign copies of The Fireman’s new album ‘Electric Arguments’, which was released last month to much critical acclaim, and is being re-issued this week with exclusive new artwork.

WHERE: HMV 150 Oxford Street, London W1
WHEN: 10am – 11am, Sunday 21st December 2008 * wristband access only – see below
WHO/WHAT: Sir Paul McCartney signing copies of ‘Electric Arguments’

Please Note: access to the event will be by wristband only, which will be distributed in advance on a limited basis from HMV 150 Oxford Street at 9.00am on Thursday morning, 18th December.

Only copies of ‘Electric Arguments’ will be signed.

Source:  http://www.thefiremanmusic.com/home/


3 Responses

  1. This album would make my Macca solo top ten without a doubt, & possibly my top five even (or at least close & in a class with those that did). It is a GREAT album, and IS, for all intents & purposes, a Macca solo album. Ask for it, get it, give it, & run don’t walk, but look both ways!! Blessings Of Love & Light To All!!!

  2. A joyus and festive first night of Hanukkah to all who celebrate.
    Latkes for all!

    Beatle Bob

  3. absolutely enjoyed finding this post.

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