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Paul McCartney: ‘I want to record with Bob Dylan’, and other recent songwriting tips.

We’ve seen Paul collaborate with other pop/rock superstars.  Michael Jackson, and Elvis Costello were wonderful collaborators for a post-Lennon McCartney.  Somehow, I just don’t see Bob Dylan looking for a co-conspirator at this point in his career.  Maybe a song or two, but I just cannot see it for a whole record.

If a collaboration like this were to come to fruition, I would hope that the two giants in music keep it gritty and dirty, like they have on their last run of albums.  It would be a good vibe.  If you look at it, their late career resurgence have both been due to a stellar string of brilliant albums.  Maybe they can put their collective genius together and create something equally stunning.  We’ll have to wait and see.  Bob Dylan already collaborated, in the past, with George and Ringo, it’s just a shame that John never really got the chance himself. 

Time will tell.  It would be really cool to see the writing credit listed as (Dylan/McCartney).  The thought of that gives me chills.  I just hope it’s no “Shot of Love.”

Here’s what we’ve read.

Paul McCartney has said he wants to make a record with Bob Dylan.

The former Beatle declared that he thinks the time is right for the two 1960s icons to come together.

“Bob Dylan would be lovely [to collaborate with], because I admire him,” he told Absolute Radio’s Geoff Lloyd. “And I was thinking the other day maybe David Byrne, because I like him too.”

Meanwhile McCartney also revealed that the lyrics for his new album ‘Electric Arguments’, which is being released under the name The Fireman, were made up on the spot in the recording studio.

The record, which came from an ongoing series of collaborations with Youth after the pair met when the producer did a mix for McCartney.

“So we went in the studio and we just started to do something different, and because the other two albums had always been on the one chord, like Indian music [humming], we decided we’d stick a couple of other chords in, so it went in a completely different direction,” he said of their collaboration.

McCartney added: “Then it kind of seemed like it might need vocals and words, so I said ‘But I haven’t got any songs’, and therefore no words or melodies or anything. So at the risk of humiliation and compete and utter degradation, I went in through the mic and listened to the track that we’d made, and I just started going [singing]…making it up, yes.”

The ex-Beatle also spoke about his recent gig in Israel, saying he visited the place where Jesus was born.

McCartney said of the site: “But there is this… just a hole in the ground, and so you go away and you sort of think, and it kind of haunts you, this little black hole. I kept sort of thinking looked more like an ashtray!”

Source: NME


8 Responses

  1. Or McCartney/Dylan. : ) For some reason it seems important to McCartney being credited first. At least it was for a period. I thought it was kind of funny. But what a collaboration! I’ve been dreaming of this for years. I think they would fit very good together, because they are somewhat different from each other, yet the both of them are brilliant songwriters. It’s not that far from Lennon/McCartney really. You know, kind of the optimist versus the pessimist. Make it happen! If not for a whole album, at least for a couple o songs.

  2. Hey, Dylan went recorded a duet with Ringo, why not?

    I think Paul’s next album should be a “reunion” record that he could record songs with people from his past. Imagine a McCartney album with Mary Hopkins, Denny Laine, Peter & Gordon, and YES… Pete Best!!! It’s time for Paul to reach out to good ol’ Pete.

  3. A very good idea. Especially Pete Best. Maybe Ringo suited The Beatles better, But listening to pre-Ringo Beatles-music, Best can surely hold the beat rock steady and it would be a lot fun if he played drums on a McCartney album all those years later.

  4. […] LATEST BEATLES NEWS, there’s this Beatle blog on WordPress that is updated almost daily.  Its latest post? Paul McCartney mused to Rolling Stone today about his collaboration wishlist, and topping the list […]

  5. Brian Wilson has been telling anyone who will listen in recent years about how much he wants to work with Paul.

  6. I read something about the Brian Wilson/Paul McCartney collaboration a couple of years ago, where Wilson said that Paul didn’t want to work with him. They did a track on Brian Wilsons “Gettin’ In Over My Head” in 2004, but it seems like Wilson would like do more music with McCartney, but not vice versa. It’s a good track, ” A Friend Like You”, nothing amazing, but it’s nice to hear them sing together.

  7. (I second the McCartney/Dyland sentiment…)

    I don’t know about an entire album, in my humble opinion, but I don’t see why they couldn’t cut a proper single. As late as last year, Dylan said that he thinks Macca ‘still has it.’ It was a really good Rolling Stone interview, and Dylan said: “I’m in awe of McCartney. He’s about the only one that I am in awe of. He can do it all. And he’s never let up… He’s just so damn effortless.”
    So … who knows, eh? 🙂

  8. Dylan/McCartney I don’t think it’s a good idea.Two tremendous talents as well as two equally tremendous ego’s.

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