Paul signs up for a role in Shrek 4.

Paul is adding a new movie to his own personal filmography.  We all know that Mike Meyers is a HUGE Beatles fan, and it must be a great kick for him to be working with the Beatle legend. 
Sir Paul will be getting into the frey on the next Shrek movie.  I wonder what type of character our beloved Paulie will be tackling in the latest animated adventure.  Whoever Paul lends his voice to, I’m sure it’ll be a fun ride. Maybe he’ll post a new track on the next Shrek soundtrack too.
New ogre ... Macca

Here’s what we’ve read.

Paul McCartney isn’t shy of getting involved in animated adventures – who could forget The Frog Chorus?

The Beatles great has signed up for a voiceover role in Shrek 4.

His old Frog Chorus co-star RUPERT THE BEAR will be jealous when he finds out.

Macca joins the list of huge stars involved in the ogre franchise – including CAMERON DIAZ and ANTONIO BANDERAS.

A source said: “The Shrek films have a proud tradition of getting great names and Macca is the best yet.”

And it won’t be hard to get his personality across in the character – just add a lot of eyebrow movement and plenty of thumbs in the air.

It’s a good move for Macca, showing he is back on top form since his divorce from HEATHER MILLS.

I got hold of an exclusive snap from his dressing room at the MTV Europe Music Awards on Thursday, where he picked up the Ultimate Legend gong on home turf in Liverpool.

He was pictured with U2’s BONO, rap lord KANYE WEST and Welsh diamond KELLY JONES from STEREOPHONICS.

I wonder who bought the drinks? They’ve got a fair few quid between them.

It’s the second time in a week that Kelly, whose band release their greatest hits on Monday, has bumped into Bono.

At Monday’s Music Industry Trust Awards the Irish hero spent the night sat on Kelly’s knee – but Bono can trump that tale.

Macca told his chauffeur to take Thursday afternoon off then went to Liverpool’s John Lennon airport to pick Bono up in person.

He then took his pal for a Magical Mystery Tour of the sights that inspired the most famous songs of all-time. Wow.

Strawberry Fields children’s home, Penny Lane and their most famous haunt, The Cavern Club, were included – with the most authentic Scouse tour guide on the planet.

I once shelled out £50 to a Merseyside cabbie for the same trip. For the same route with Macca at the wheel, I’d expect a seven-figure meter reading.

Source: UK Sun


4 Responses

  1. It’d be great if Ringo was in to! As Scouse the Mouse!

  2. :O That’s awesomee!

  3. Lets see…new Shrek theme song by Paul that might chart this time and another Academy Award nomination 🙂

    Beatle Bob
    (Bootleg reviewer on the Bootlegzone, 910, Beatleglist, etc)

  4. A song on the soundtrack sounds cool, but hopefully not a whole album.

    Rupert is cute, but a whole Rupert album is a bit too much.

    One nice song would be a great idea.


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