Artist pays tribute to Obama with poster influenced by Sgt. Pepper album

San Francisco artist Michael Cuffe has released a painting that marks the significance of the Obama Presidency, his successful presidential campaign and America’s quest for hope with a nod to the Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper album.

The artwork, titled “Obama’s Hopeful Hearts Club,” is available for purchase as a print through his website for $20.

This poster combines two things that I love, The Beatles and politics.  The thing I love so much about this poster is that it really captures the essence of what The Beatles and President-elect Obama’s messages are all about.  That message is for HOPE.  What a powerful and creative use of talent to highlight a man who represents change in its greatest form.  Kudos.

  • Compare this with the original Sgt. Pepper’s album cover – here.

Here’s what we’ve read.

The Hopeful Hearts Club is a painting that reflects the essence of hope that the campaign has inspired in millions of Americans over the past 2 years.  The 1967 Beatles Sgt. Pepper album manifested during a time of social, economic, and worldwide change.  I feel that we are in another moment where the choices we make are having a profound effect on our lives, and the world at large. 

As with the original Sgt. Pepper album, I have taken careful consideration of individual placement, individuals accomplishments, and their relationship to the Obama campaign and this time of change.

Source: The Obama Experiment


18 Responses

  1. that absolutely turned my stomach- the Beatles should never be paired with a self-serving hypocrite socalist like obama- yuk!

  2. Completely disgusting. I literally recoiled when I saw this.

  3. Absolutely wonderful!

  4. I don’t think 2008 have that much in common with 1967/68. Just look at pictures of people from 66-68, the world moved so quickly in those days. I like Obama though. He’s seems to care about people. And not only money and power. But, a hippie he is not.

  5. I think ladybeatle is not a very good Beatle fan. Have you ever heard the song “Imagine”? Have you paid attention to the issues that the Fabs have supported over the years? Obama is the ULTIMATE hope for peace & love (maybe you’ve heard of Ringo). John would be so pleased!

    And if you think Obama is a “socialist,” I’ve got a McCain ranch in Alaska to see you. LOL

  6. Sickening. My favorite album cover of all time has been cheapened by this.

    It also is disappointing that one of my favorite Beatles sites will now degenerate into political argument.

  7. In one of the newest books about John Lennon, he is quoted saying about “Imagine”: It’s only a fucking song! Lennon earned a lot of money and got caught up in materialism and shopping in the 70’s. And that was what he said when he was confronted with the lyrics compared to his own lifestyle. “Imagine” is a great vision, and a great song, but Lennon didn’t really live that song did he. To think that people is all kind because they write songs with kind lyrics is a bit naive.

  8. This isn’t a bad thing at all.

    Putting the Beatles and Obama (who are both for peace) together is beautiful in my opinion.

  9. Quite ironic. We all know how fond George Harrison was of politicians who jack up taxes… Lots of folks here have been selling off their stocks since Mr. Obama took the lead in the polls. Income redistribution and welfare state are not good for investment.

  10. What cultural icon comes next? Obama presiding over the last supper? Done up a-la Warhol or Lichtenstein? I don’t think this is about the Beatles, just folks “drinking the Kool-Aid” and getting caught up in the moment…

  11. There are a lot of Beatle fans living in Naive Land. I can think ‘peace and love’ all day long but that still won’t stop a terror attack. Yet another threat was made this week from our radical Muslim extremiss. Gee, I hope they like the Beatles…

  12. Most people like The Beatles. Assholes too. : ) I have worked in a record shop and people who like nice and peaceful music are not always the nicest and most peaceful persons. Sometimes people like the opposite of who they are. Noisy people like peaceful music because it makes them relax. Sensitive people like hard rock because they wish they were tougher, and listening to hard music give them strength. And so on.

  13. What an effing waste of a post! Focus on posting real Beatle news.

  14. Conservative Beatlefan is an oxymoron. And there are some real morons posting here.

  15. Morons are Beatles fans too. Of course. And some Beatles fans are morons. Like me for instance. And conservative people too. Are Beatles fans. There’s something for everybody in The Beatles music. It’s music for people, heart and soul, it doesn’t matter who you are on your CV.

  16. I wonder how the readers on this site would have reacted to a McCain/Palin version of this painting? I’m assuming there would have been a lot of posts calling the artist a moron. So much for tolerance…

  17. Randy, you are such a hypocrit.

    Lay off those who don’t agree with you’re beleifs.

    Randy, you don’t seem like a Beatle’s fan, where’s you’re love ?

    Be nice Randy.

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