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AUDIO: Paul releases another free Fireman track.

I have listened to the entire Electronic Arguments album.  It is a stunner folks.  McCartney is going out on a limb with this one.  It’s not nearly too far though.  It’s his most accessible Fireman related project.  There are a few stunners on there that are truly mind-blowing rides.  You’ll have to wait until it’s release for my complete rundown though.

For now though, enjoy the free downloadable tracks at the McCartney site(s).

Here’s what we’ve read.

On his official website, Sir Paul McCartney has announced that the Fireman website has been updated with some new promotional pictures and video.


On the Fireman site you can check out an overview of the album, and hear two full length tracks, “Nothing Too Much Just Out Of Sight,” which was previously available for free download, and a newly available track, “Sing The Changes.”

While you’re there, you can also watch videos of Paul and Youth enjoying an “Art Day” where they happily chat and paint together and also witness Paul recording the album in his Sussex studio.

Source: The Fireman Music


2 Responses

  1. I’m am with you all the way in your preview review. I too have this on a rapidshare file. I LOVED “Rushes”, but not so much the first Fireman album.
    I have been pretty much thrilled with every “regular” Macca album from “Flowers In The Dirt” onward (and I love some of the side projects as well), and this is more like a standard Macca solo album…albeit an experimental departure in many ways too…well it’s more like a regular solo album than a 3rd Fireman album, but it certainly is that too (as all three are quite different from each other), and it is a stunner.
    It may be too out there for those that prefer their McCartney more middle of the road, but for those with an adventurous Spirit, the rewards here are immense!! He does the Spirit of The Beatles quite a proud turn with this one, and I think the critics will dig it. I just hope that it’s get the exposure that it so richly deserves, and sells well enough.
    I hope he tours some & does lots of tracks off of it. Blessings!!

  2. Looking forward to this album, it seems like a regular Paul album with a twist.

    The first two fireman albums rest next to Two virgins,Life with the lions,Wedding album,and Electronic sound.

    And farther in the back are Wonderwall (good album, but it’s not George),and all those orchestrated albums credited to Paul, but he doesn’t play on them.

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