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McCartney: No More Lonely Nights.

Can Paul McCartney stay single folks?  Apparenty not as it seems.  Paul’s latest girlfriend is moving into the estate.  I find it a little hard to believe that after such a nasty and public divorce that Paul would get into another long-term relationship.  It’s pretty amazing  if you think about it.


I’m just glad that Paul’s family has given him their blessing with this relationship.

What are your thoughts on Paul and Nancy’s romance?  Let us know in the poll and comments below.

Here’s what we’ve read.

SIR PAUL McCARTNEY’s new love NANCY SHEVELL has moved in with the BEATLES legend – five months after his divorce from HEATHER MILLS.

Superstar Macca sought the blessing of BEATRICE, his four-year-old daughter by Mills, before asking Nancy to live at the sprawling Peasmarsh estate.

American heiress Nancy, 47, had begun spending nearly every weekend at the secluded East Sussex home, bought by Macca as a wedding gift for first wife LINDA in 1969.

But last week the No More Lonely Nights singer asked her to make the move permanent.

His fashion designer daughter STELLA, 37, has also given her blessing to the relationship – but urged her dad not to rush into marriage.

A family friend said: “Paul and Nancy are as solid a couple as you can get after just a short time together.

“She always seemed to be at Peasmarsh anyway so it made sense to him just to ask her to move in. She’ll still travel between here and America but is setting up home with Paul.

“He asked Beatrice if she liked Nancy and got a resounding ‘Yes’, which meant the world to him.”

Sir Paul, 66, began his romance with Nancy last November amid legal wranglings over his divorce deal with Mills, 40.

Source: UK Sun


8 Responses

  1. Maybe McCartney has been in love with her before the divorce from Heather. Stranger things have happened. He’s very fast though finding new girlfriends. If he was an average joe, 66 years old, he could have problems finding women younger than himself, I suppose. But being rich and famous, he can pick and choose I guess. That can be a problem, though, finding true love and a person who love McCartney, the person, and not the legend with all the money. Good luck to him. To me, he can stay a bachelor and just make music and records. : )

  2. I hope it works out. Wish he would slow down a bit. What’s the rush?

  3. I think he needs constant companionship. If that what it takes to make the man happy, so be it.

    Beatle Bob
    (Bootleg reviewer on the Bootlegzone, 910, Beatleglist, etc)

  4. I am Paulie’s one and ONLY soulmate! I just wish that we could meet and he would realize that! All that aside, I wish my true love all the happiness in the world. But, is it just me, or is she just another one of his incredibly UGLY women? Me, bitter? NAH!

  5. im ok with that

  6. I great this love, so i like the elvis presley!

  7. He is left handed, meaning, he was not given the gift of being right handed. In regards to ‘Finemama’, I agree that shevel IS incrediably UGLY and she too is not done with her divorce issue, so, neither one wants their bed to get cold. All entertainers do the same shit and paul is no different. He is just jumping from one bitch to the next and paying dearly for it. Peas Marsh is icky when you step in it, yuck!!!!!!!!

  8. Hey there,

    Usually shallow minded wantabeartists complain that their mommies didn’t feed them or ween them until it was too late. Maybe all the macca fans need to give Paul and Nancy some respect, honor and grace so they can now go on with their fame and noriety and life. At least Paul McCartney is answering his emails, while his former band mate, Ringo Star has cut off all contact with the public. He stopped answering fans because of the mobs of fans striping him of his dignity, which all human are given at birth. And anyone who doesn’t think Nancy is cute should be shot and given a cat scan at the mental ward. Who do you think you are, God. Maybe a gay or lesbo thinks that , but the normal Joe thinks he looks fine and so does she for their age and stature in this century.

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