Ringo addresses autograph ban.

What a strange and difficult year it’s been for Ringo Starr.  He’s been beheaded in topiary format.  He has insulted Liverpool.  He’s been stand-offish in interviews.  Now, he’s banned fans from sending items to autograph.

He’s got some explaining to do.  Ringo has now come out publically and all but apologized to his legions of fans about the reasoning behind the autograph ban.  While tis explanation will not woo many new fans, it seems kind of half-hearted.  We understand he’s busy, but he doesn’t have to just come out and say it like that.  I can see how lots of fans would have been insulted by his initial video about halting to sign items.   Hopefully, for Ringo it all really is about peace and love, it’s just that his fans aren’t seeing it that way.

Here’s what we’ve read.

Ringo Starr is backtracking after upsetting fans with an online rant about the amount of items he’s asked to autograph.

The former Beatle threatened to throw away requests he gets for his signature after 20 October (08) in a recent video message, claiming he hasn’t got time to deal with the piles of letters he receives.
In a 40-second video posted on his website, Starr said, “I want to tell you after the 20th of October please do not send fanmail to any address you have. Nothing will be signed after the 20th of October. If that is the date on the envelope, it’s gonna be tossed.” But, after upsetting fans, Starr has chosen to back down.

In a new statement, the rocker insists the ‘ban’ on fanmail was “in direct response to an inordinate amount of items which have recently appeared for sale on (memorabilia auction website) eBay, and to those that repeatedly send cards and items to be signed.” He adds, “(It’s) a waste of paper and we all should be mindful of our carbon footprint.” Starr insists the video message wasn’t aimed at his “real fans” who have acknowledged that he “has always signed items and is in fact the only Beatle to have been doing so.” The drummer admits he was “amazed” by the public and media reaction to his video message, and urges fans to “read this in a mellow way.”

Source: PR Inside


6 Responses

  1. Why didnt anybody realise that it was all a stunt. Ringo’s a very clever man obvoiusly for this and the liverpool insult.
    He knows for certain the public still love him and he is still a main news figure.

  2. How can we hate good old Ringo? Loveable, cuddley…. (my wife’s words not mine *LOL*)

    Beatle Bob
    (Bootleg Reviewer: Bootlegzone, 910, Beatleglist, etc)

  3. Maybe I have a bad sense of humor, but I thought it was funny. As long as he keeps bringing out good music, I’m a happy Ringo fan.

  4. Yeah! his a musician, he just have to keep on doing great music…
    (I’ve read the Open Letter and I thinkthat the one who wrote it is a jerk)

    Ringo, the real fans aren’t upset!

    Peace & Love

  5. it’s a great the music,is funny.

    The beatles the best band of USA


    Bye peoples.

  6. The recent announcement by Ringo Starr that he no longer has time to sign autographs and reply to every fan letter has been characterized by the press as him telling his fans to take a hike. Granted, Ringo has never been known as the diplomatic Beatle and the flack created by his recent unsympathetic comments about Liverpool have not been improving his image. In fairness to Ringo, however, 45+ years of answering fan mail seem like enough! Remember the New York doctor who pushed George Harrison for an autograph even as he was dying of cancer? The lads have certainly given enough of themselves to fans. Let’s hope that from now on Ringo can enjoy the good parts of being a “Starr” without having to deal with arthritis pain from signing autographs.


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