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Ringo Starr warns fans he is too busy to sign autographs.

This seems a little fishy people.  Ringo is always known as the approachable Beatle.  He loves his fans and spreading his message of peace and love.  But now he no longer has the time to sign items for his beloved fans.  What could he be working on so feverishly folks?  Could it be a new album, or possibly, even better, remastering a whole slew of old albums from all those years ago?


Send in your items into Ringo before October 20th, maybe you’ll get them back signed.

Here’s what we’ve read.

In a 40-second rant posted on his website, the drummer says he will bin all fan mail addressed to him after October 20 because he no longer has time to cope with it.

Dressed in black clothes and dark glasses, Starr, 68, said: “This is a serious message to everybody watching my update. Peace and love. Peace and love.

“I want to tell you after the 20th of October please do not send fan mail to any address you have. Nothing will be signed after the 20th of October. If that is the date on the envelope, it’s gonna be tossed.

“I’m warning you with peace and love I have too much to do. So no more fan mail. Thank you, thank you. And no objects to be signed. Nothing.

“Anyway, peace and love, peace and love.”

The musician divides his time between Los Angeles, the South of France and Surrey since the release of his last album, Liverpool 8, in January.

He angered his fellow Liverpudlians when he made disparaging comments about the city as he promoted the album on Jonathan Ross’s BBC1 show, saying there was “nothing” he missed about it.

A shrubbery sculpture of the drummer was later beheaded and radio phone-ins were overwhelmed by complaints.

Source: UK Telegraph


34 Responses

  1. The jet set lifestyle can be very busy. They go shopping all day long and Ringo has so many places all over the world that needs to be filled up with expensive things. And he has to travel a lot to spend time in his houses. Or maybe he is focusing on a new album and don’t want to be bothered. “Liverpool 8” is one of his greatest ever. I really enjoy that album. Keep up the good work, Ringo. 68 years old, you may be at your songwriting peak.

  2. Surely a young Richard Starky replacing a headstrong Peter Best never envisioned the fame and fortunes that were bestowed upon him as he set off on his persuit of such fame and fortune.

    Now that his pockets are well lined riding the coat tails of the Lennon-McCartney genius trail, he finds no time for us poor fans that got him what he has. Surely Pete Best would’ve done just as well as he, because the fact of the matter is that it’s the songwriting NOT the accompaniment that made them what they became.
    I’m saddened by the “Too busy” position taken by the approachable one…
    He could have taken a more moderate stance and offered a diminished attention angle to his fan base…Even 10 a month, would’ve been better than nothing!!
    A diplomat, he is not…
    Sorry Ringo, you can’t “Unring” the bell.
    I guess the appropriate fan base response would be to be too busy to bother with your upcoming tours.

  3. Out of curiosity, how many requests for autographs does Ringo receive on a given day? I ask that in a straightforward manner, not to be disparaging.

    Was he really honoring every request he received? If yes, that amazes me!

  4. I had no idea Ringo actually still signed stuff and would send it back. I figured that he stopped doing this years ago.

    Unless you actually witness an artist or athlete signing the item, it’s most likely a fake signature.

  5. Maybe his hands are arthritic now? Nahhhhh…..

    Beatle Bob
    (Bootleg reviewer on the Bootlegzone, 910, Beatleglist, etc)


  6. It seems to me within the past year or so Ringo has started to become a “grumpy old man.” He just seems to totally be a diva (for lack of a better term). As much as I love the Beatles, Ringo is really starting to bug me he seems to have forgotten who made him rich in the first place.

  7. I’d say Ringo has doe more than enough for everyone through his life and if this is something he wants known and doesn’t want to make time for any longer, then so be it.

    I think Ringo is well aware of “who made him rich in the first place” but seriously, at his age (68!) I think he’s just reached his limit on the fan mail for autographs deal. And, he’s more than entitled. Ringo, like John, Paul and George will have left the planet better than he found it. He’s done more in a single lifetime than 99% of the population could do in a thousand of them.

  8. Hi Matt,

    I’m a producer at Sky News. We’re doing a feature on Ringo’s comments. Would you be around to talk to us at 1900BST?

    I’m not sure where you’re based, but we can either do the interview in one of our studios in the UK or around the world – or via Skype webcam.

    Give me a call to have a chat about this. My number is 00 44 (0)20 7585 4569.



  9. I don’t think Ringo owe anyone anything. He gave the world his music and people bought it. The couple of bucks a record cost in the record store, is maybe an hour of daily work for most people. Making a record can take a year, or two or three. Depending on how often your muse come and visit you. Being creative can’t really be measured in time. It’s a state of mind. I’ve got all his records in my record collection, because I enjoy Ringo’s music. It’s a good investment too, beacuse I keep listening to them. For a couple of bucks he gave me something lasting. Well done, Ringo.

  10. He’s just getting a bit cranky in his old age. A little dementia setting in perhaps? He looks more like a wino or a homeless person than ever.

  11. “This is a serious message to everybody watching my update right now. Peace and love. Peace and Love! I want to tell you, please! After the twentieth of October, do not send fan mail to any address that you have. Nothing will be signed after the twentieth of October. If that has the date on the envelope, it’s gonna be tossed. I’m warning you with peace and love, but I have too much to do. So no more fan mail. Thank you, thank you. And no objects to be signed. Nothing! Ah, anyway, peace and love, peace and love.”

    Now what was so bad about that ?

  12. If Ringo is feeling overwhelmed, taken advantage of, besieged… then let’s give back to him some of the joy he has given us.

    Please send a word of thanks or support (and NOTHING TO SIGN) to:

    Ringo Starr
    1st Floor
    90 Jermyn Street
    London SW1Y6JD

    And please pass the word on to everyone you know. I’d love to see his mailbox full of thanks and love, not requests and complaints.

  13. On one fan site, there was a list of things that people had sent in and then a list of complaints. Here is a typical complaint, “I sent in two photos, one set of drumsticks, one t-shirt and one sweatshirt. The drumsticks were returned unsigned, and one photo was unsigned.”

    The complaints went on and on. No one said a word of thanks for the things that were signed. And my mind is spinning with the image of Ringo signing endless t-shirts, sweatshirts, drumsticks, and who knows what else.

    It was extremely generous for Ringo to offer to sign so many items for his fans, but I imagine that when he offered to do this, he never dreamed that people would take advantage of him by sending so many things and expecting so much.

  14. Tim…

    I am based in the states, and I just got your comment at 11:00 EST PM.

    I would love to do an interview, but I fear it’s too late.

    I will try to give you a call tomorrow if at all possible. Many thanks for posting.

    I look forward to talking with you.


  15. From February 1964 to the present. Ringo has given a large part of his life to his profession and his fans. Some of his so-called fans simply expliot his fame for their own gain. I am sure Ringo knows this. Something must have set him off, the message sounds off-the-cuff, not rehearsed.

    Thank you Ringo for 45 years (!) of music and memories.

  16. I think the guy is a tool. After viewing that video I’m shocked that he released it.

    After seeing it, my honest opinion is that it is EXACTLY what I would have said (words and tone combined) if I wanted to piss of 95% of my fans. Didn’t he WATCH it before he uploaded it? Doesn’t he have “people” to warn (note non-inflammatory use of the word WARN) him about doing stupid stuff like this?

    I mean seriously… “I’m warning you with peace and love…” ???

    How about, “I’m ASKING you with peace and love…”

    And how about sounding like you actually mean it when you use the words, “peace and love.”

    I won’t even get into what I think of his musicianship… but this just makes him look BAD.

  17. Those who are so feeble minded to be upset by this, need to get help.

    Ringo has been signing things for almost 50 years, he deserves a cut off period, but I think there is a bit more to this, maybe death threats or fans who ask for too much.

    It’s much better than selling illegal recordings, (bootlegs) lol.

  18. I won’t even get into what I think of his musicianship………..

    yes please don’t.

  19. Ringo is not a waiter in a resturant, or something. He don’t have to give the people what they want. Ringo is an artist, and a musician, and he can do whatever he want to do, if he consider it artistic. The Beatles never followed anyones rules. No artist should ever listen to their fans. Because they don’t have a clue. That’s why they are listeners, and not creative artists.

  20. That’s not funny, Bob.

  21. Maybe Beatle Bob is Chapman. That’s the scary thing about the Internet. You don’t know who you are talking to, because people can hide behind nicks. The funny thing is of course that it could be Ringo. Who knows. : )

  22. If he doesn’t want to sign them, he doesn’t have to. Give the dude a break.

  23. When I was referring to him being grumpy lately this isn’t the only instance that I was thinking of. I realize he’s given pretty much his whole life to fans, etc. It just seems that lately Ringo has an attitude towards fans/people.

  24. As long as being grumpy is creative to Ringo, that’s what counts. Who knows. Pablo Picasso was an asshole, but he also was a great painter. It’s not like artists have to be nice to their fans, to make great art. Great artists explore themself as human beings. Being grumpy in public is at least honest. Instead of fake happiness just to look good.

  25. One more…I thought once we have our name here, it’s not useable by anyone else? I hope Matt (is he the creater of this blog?)can correct this problem!

    Beatle Bob
    (Bootleg reviewer Bootlegzone, 910, Beatleleglist,etc)


  26. Bob,

    Anyone can use the same name. It’s the email address that is different.

    I removed the offensive comments, and I will keep my eye out for more. If the pattern continues, I will send them an email and bar that email from the site.


  27. Matt,

    I appreciate you being able to identify and remove the fake “Beatle Bob’s” comments from here. THANK YOU SIR!

    Beatle Bob
    (Bootleg reviewer, Bootlegzone, 910, Beatleglist, etc)

  28. Alex, you need to shut up.

    Ringo did nothing wrong, you are not a Beatle’s fan at all.

    Get a grip Alex, get off the computer with you’re hate, in fact Alex, get some help.

    I hope you read this Alex…….

  29. Matt please remove Alex’s horrible language, he has a potty mouth.

    You’re site is too good for this ignorant crap.

  30. Thanks for the head’s up on the comment. It is inappropriate and ignorant. We try to keep things at a family level here.

    It has been removed.

    Thanks for the heads-up.

  31. Thank you Matt.

    If my posts are not nice, you may remove mine too,
    Sorry for my ranting too.

    Ringo is such a cherished guy and he has the right to stop the autographing, Lord knows that he has given so much.

    Great site Matt, may it last at least a million more posts.

  32. No worries Roger. We all just have to be mindful of our language.

    And thanks for the kind words.

  33. it is to bad that ringo was bothered by people the way he was.i would have liked to have drop him a line.but around here something is always happening.the asking for things signed and selling them just for a way to get money is sad.we would have liked to have said how sorry we were, when john was shot and geroge passed on.my son would have loved to tell him how much he loves his music now this will not happen.why couldn’t we just talk to the man,thank him and his mate?i hope alot are happy now!

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