AUDIO: Listen to a track off Paul’s upcoming Fireman album.

Someone sent us an mp3 of the first track from Paul’s upcoming Fireman album.  I have to say, I’m totally blown away.  It’s part Tom Wait’s blues , meets White Album rock, mixed with the Black Keys.  I think, with this record, Paul will surprise a lot of people.  It blew me away.

Nothing Too Much Just Out of Sight

Give it a listen.


13 Responses

  1. I gotta say I haven’t listened to a Paul McCartney album in a long long time, but this sounds freaking brilliant. If it’s all as good as this track, I will definitely be picking up a copy of the cd. Thank you, Paul, for taking a chance again.

  2. How and where can i download this mp3?

  3. Sir Paul McCartney’s new Fireman album sounds amazing!

  4. This sounds like CRAP.

  5. This does not sell me on the new Fireman album. Bad choice. Bad track.

    Beatle Bob
    (Bootleg Reviewer on Bootlegzone,910, Beatleg Email List, etc)

  6. It’s fantastic!!

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  8. This is absolutely brilliant. May be the best track he’s done for years, and definitely the heaviest since ‘Helter Skelter.’. Can’t wait for the rest of the album!

  9. Sounds like Paul haven’t lost his edge with age. That’s a good thing. On tour he sings his golden hits, but on record he is as vibrant and creative as ever. In the 60’s he was unsure what kind of music he could play when he turned 30. Rock ‘n’ roll was kids stuff … they thought. Back then. Now he is 66 and still rock out. I love that. Keep on rocking Paul.

  10. wow…
    this is hard
    I love it!

    gosh, and the LSPuppets’ song (double dead)

  11. I don’t like it or any of this Fireman thing he’s been doing. Satanic Paul–that’s all we need–more evil in the world. The Fireman project must be his alter ego or something–not the Paul I’m used to or the one I have liked all these years.
    Sir Paul–you need to “Get Back.”

  12. Remember “Helter Skelter” all those years ago. Or the leather-clad pre-mop top days in Hamburg. Paul is a rocker at heart. And he likes to experiment. Just listen to “Rinse the Raindrops” on the “Driving Rain” album from 2001. It’s the same person who have written songs like “Yesterday” and “Ebony and Ivory”. It’s think that’s fascinating. Duality, that’s what life is all about, good and evil, night and day, etc. In Pauls music you can find all that. To me, that makes him a complete artist and musician, unlike those who just make mainstream pop music.

  13. Sherri – Satanic? You must be joking!

    ‘Nothing Too Much’ is a pure expression of frustration, which most of us feel at some time in our lives and need to get out of our systems, just as McCartney is doing with this song. It’s heartfelt frustration. That’s all. As an artist, he must express that frustration so that he can move on to the parts of himself that can help and inspire others. If he doesn’t express the things that are stopping and harming him, then they will block him from expressing the good things – JUST as they do everyone else.

    The other Fireman songs on this album that I have heard are inspiring, joyful, inventive, creative and from the realm of goodness – nothing less!

    McCartney has a gift from God. It’s SOME people who turn it into something else. I hope the light of his soul always shines brightly – in his heart and in his eyes. THAT is how he helps others – through allowing his own inner goodness and joy to erupt and bubble over … something he has always done. That’s why he is so well loved and famous. Apart from the talent, courage, kindness and emotional intelligence, of course.

    He simply gets it right where others get it wrong. Merely lucky? I think not. It’s a gift he has been given, throughout his life, and he has allowed it to bloom. He has a LOT of friends who help too … but you have to ask yourself why does he have so many friends then?

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