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Why Sir Paul McCartney is willing to risk it all in Israel.

Paul McCartney is putting his money where his mouth is with his upcoming concert in Israel.  I personally think it’s a bit looney.  McCartney is defying reports that he will be killed at an upcoming show promoting peace and friendship, and going on with the show. 

I can’t help but think what his collaborator, friend, and fellow peace advocate John Lennon would say.  Somehow, I don’t see John jumping directly into the fire like that, and really, really putting himself on the line like that if the reports of extremists wanting his head are really true.  It simply wasn’t John’s style do to things like that.  John was more comfortable being a clown for peace rather than a martyr for a cause. 

Geoff Baker, Paul’s former publicist, has written a nice piece at the UK Daily Mail that explains the importance and impact on Paul that this concert will really hold.  Paul also hopes that this concert will truly spread the message of peace, love, and friendship.

The show Thursday will be interesting, and we’ll all have to see how the show goes down. I personally think it will be a truly awesome celebration.  If anyone can usher in a moment of peace and brotherhood it’s Paul. 


3 Responses

  1. Good for Paul.

    Perhaps he can release an album and video of the concert with proceeds going to peace efforts in the region? I’d certainly buy it.

  2. I love Paul’s new “one-off” concerts around the world. I think they are more spectacular in this fashion and a much better show than the daily grind of his back to back concerts in the past.

    Beatle Bob
    (Bootleg reviewer from Bootlegzone, 910, BeatlegYahoo list, etc)


  3. Hey,
    You know, it’s really pretty safe to visit Israel….
    Death threats can’t be new to Paul (my guess is every famouse person gets them, otherwise they’re not really famouse…), and I am proud to see that he will not change his plans because of terrorists who think that killing is an order from God.
    No matter which God you believe in.

    Yael- a proud Israeli who doesn’t run around the streets of Tel Aviv on a camel 😉

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