Paul McCartney has a Monopoly on Beatles memorabilia

We all know that Paul is a huge collector of all things Beatles.  I mean why wouldn’t he.  He has paid insanely high prices on preserving and collecting his own past.  Why can’t he have a little fun with his own board games as well.  I think it’s awesome that Paul partakes in the fun of his own ever present past as well.  I mean can’t the Beatles themselves be their own fans.

I know that the Monopoly Board game is at the top of my birthday wish list this year.  I actually asked for two copies.  One to play and one to collect.  Call it a bit obsessive, but that’s how we are.  With the pictures below, I imagine Paul sitting around with Ringo, Olivia, and Yoko playing Beatle monopoly with real money, as the remasters are playing in the background.  That would make an awesome family game night.

Paul McCartney

Beatles Monopoly set placed in Paul McCartney's car

Here’s what we’ve read.

Sir Paul McCartney looks set for A Hard Day’s Night playing a new Beatles Monopoly boardgame.

The 66-year-old emerged from his offices in London’s Soho Square yesterday with the Fab Four edition of the popular game.

McCartney’s chauffeur popped the upcoming Beatles Monopoly game on the back seat of his car as the eternally youthful singer bounded outside.

With a roll of the dice, Macca may pass Penny Lane via Abbey Road on his way to Strawberry Fields during a quiet evening in playing the game.

Things are certainly looking up for McCartney recently.

He has been romancing New York socialite Nancy Shevell, 47, since last November.

The pair enjoyed a romantic trip to Antigua in April and a road trip across seven US states last month.

However, reports that McCartney is planning soon to make Miss Shevell his third wife are believed to be wide of the mark.

His adult children Stella, Mary and James are said to be completely against the idea of their father marrying for a very long time after his acrimonious divorce from his last wife, Heather Mills.

And Miss Shevell, whose family has a £315million transport firm, is still to finalise her divorce from her politician husband of 23 years, Bruce Blakeman.

Source: UK Mail on Sunday


4 Responses

  1. I will never forget the first time I heard Eleanor Rigby on the radio. I was about 11 or 12, and my mother had the “oldies” station on. I always liked oldies music, but my ears perked up as Eleanor Rigby played. It was unlike anything I’d ever heard, old or modern. It seemed so out of place among motown hits, tom jones, and the monkees. It gave me goosebumps. Naive me at the time had no idea who the band was, but when I found out soon thereafter, I was hooked for life. I’d loved the bits and pieces of standard Beatles hits since I was a child, but the true immersion began in my preteen years and grew from there beginning with that wonderful moment. My second favorite memory would be when I purchased the Sgt. Pepper album when I was about 13. I would save up my allowance and buy a new cd every couple weeks or so, and the night I bought Sgt. Pepper it was a rainy summer night. My mother went to bed early, so there I sat on my bedroom floor with headphones connected to my cd player as I heard most of the songs on the album for the very first time. It was then I knew that no other band ever could or would make my blood run exhilliratingly cold with joy and wonderment like the Beatles did. It was like seeing the world for the first time. I can not wait to pass that feeling on to my son someday. He’s due to be born in 3 weeks, and he’s going to be called Jude. I so look forward to making Beatles accompanied memories with him that he’ll cherish as long as he lives..

  2. Yes he does, it’s ashame he doesn’t own his own music catalog from the Beatles, you have to watch out for Michael he’ll buy it all up..

  3. Hello there I am a Carlton Cards Employee and just thought those of you who want to purchase the new Monopoly Game would like to know that you can get it at our store. We are located in Maplewood MN and we have 3 in stock, however if we need to I can try and get some more. Just look us up and give us a call because we do ship for just $5.00. Thanks!

  4. Would that be Paul McCartney’s version of Monopoly? I heard that George really enjoyed playing Chutes and Ladders. Would you have a copy of that?

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