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Kate to play Lennon’s mother?

I have a confession to make.  OK, maybe not a confession, but…well you’ll see.  You know how spouses and couples have that list.  You know, the list.  The one that illustrates those celebrities in that hypothetical light.  The list is populated by those celebrity crushes that your spouses says it’s OK to have a relationship with.

Well now it appears that the filmed representation of John Lennon’s mother is now on my list.  Great, now I have a crush on John Lennon’s mom.  Kate Winslet’s addition to this film only makes it more promising.  I cannot wait.

Here’s what we’ve read.

Kate Winslet is apparently in the pipeline to play John Lennon’s mother.

The Titanic star is on a list of actresses director Sam Taylor-Wood is looking to approach for the part, according to The Daily Mail.

The film, called Nowhere Boy, will tell the story of the Beatle’s childhood, growing up with his mother and his aunt. The screenplay has been written by Matt Greenhalgh – who won a Bafta for Control, his biopic about Joy Division’s Ian Curtis – and is based on the book Imagine This: Growing Up With My Brother John Lennon by John’s sister Julia Baird.

John was raised by his Aunt Mimi and apparently grew up not knowing that his real mother, Julia, lived just round the corner. It seems Aunt Mimi disapproved of her younger sister for “living in sin”, and Baird’s book claims this was driven by jealousy, dating back to childhood sibling rivalry.

The story sees John and his mother re-united and she introduces him to the world of rock ‘n’ roll. A painful struggle erupts between the two women, and tragedy strikes, propelling John into The Beatles, full of love, longing and pain.

Sam reportedly hopes to approach Angela’s Ashes star Emily Watson to play Aunt Mimi.

Auditions will begin in Liverpool next month to search for suitable teenagers to play Beatles’ legends John and Paul McCartney. Filming is due to start in March.

Source: Metro UK


4 Responses

  1. I’ve had a girl crush on Kate for years now. And I wish they would stop referring to her as the “Titanic star” – it makes her sound like she is fighting obesity.

    I have been missing Kate at the movies for a while now and what a treat it will be to see her great talent woven into a story about another great interest – John and the Beatles. Looking forward to this one…a lot.


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