VIDEO: The Beatles’ Shakespeare spoof from “Around the Beatles in full color

Awesome news clip.  I had not seen this in color.

In 1964, in honour of Shakespeare’s 400th birthday, the Beatles performed this play-within-a-play on “Around the Beatles.”

* I did not colourise this skit, it’s from a DVD called “the Beatles Explosion”

One of these days Apple and The Beatles will release a definitive Beatles on film DVD set.  For now, though, youtube clips will have to suffice.


5 Responses

  1. Haha oh jeez, that made me laugh

  2. WOW. Awesome! I haven’t seen this in forever!

    Hope that Beatles on Film set comes out sooner rather than later… fingers crossed…

  3. i ❤ this vid
    its So funny
    i love ringo’s roar

  4. This has always been my fave beatles clip of all time… cant help but wonder if the guy who wrote the new John Lennon book (causing all the controversy) read too much into the acting here?????

  5. haha! it was funny to see john lennon in a lamb suit with blackout stuff in is teeth!

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