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Paul McCartney to play Tel Aviv 43 years after Israel banned the Beatles

Paul has been wowing fans all summer with a series of special one-off concerts.  Liverpool, Kiev, and Ontario.  It’s been an impressive summer.  It looks like the special concert series will continue with one more show.  This time it’s in Israel.

First the show was cancelled, but now it looks like it is back on, and set for later next month.  With such a huge series of warm-up shows, it looks like Paul and his wonderful band wil be in top touring shape, and hopefully we will see some kind of announcement soon about the long-rumored world tour.


Hopefully, Paul will sneak in a new song into the setlist at this show as well.  Maybe we’ll get to hear a live version of “Oo-You”.  Somehow I highly doubt that, but it would be something.

Here’s what we’ve read.

The former lead singer of the Beatles, Sir Paul McCartney, has announced his plans to come to Israel to perform next month.

The celebrated rock star will arrive in Israel as part of a world tour, and will give a single concert at Tel Aviv’s Park Hayarkon on September 25.

McCartney was scheduled to perform in Israel some 43 years ago with the Beatles, the legendary band of which he was a founding member.

But government officials banned them from appearing in Israel in 1965.

They refused to grant the necessary permits, citing concerns that the tousled-haired British band and its strident, amplified music could corrupt the morals of Israeli youth.

McCartney’s manager Barry Marshall reportedly confirmed his arrival a few days ago, and approved the venue even though it does not include 250,000 seats, which is the singer’s standard requirement.

The Israeli audience might be deterred by the ticket prices, which have yet to be determined but are likely to add up to several hundreds of shekels. This has been the case with other international rock stars, like Bjork and Leonard Cohen, who were scheduled to perform in Israel this summer but had to cancel due to poor ticket sales.

Source: Haaretz


3 Responses

  1. 250,000 seats?

  2. Yes, but will he play Hey Jude? Hmmm…

  3. Hey Jude est aussi sur notre site!

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