Paul McCartney returns to England to see grandchild.

That’s Paul’s grandfather…he’s very clean.

Okay, that may not be Paul’s grandfather, Paul is a grandfather himself, again.  Paul had taken a break from his cross-country United States trip to see his newborn grandchild.  This family trip is a little bit different this time though.

Sir Paul McCartney and Nancy Shevell

Paul has his new girlfriend, Nancy Shevell, in tow to meet the entire family.  It’s a little hard to shake off that image now that things aren’t that serious.  If you’re going home to meet the family, then things must be a little more than serious.  I just hope he plays things cautiously with his new love Nancy.  Take it slow Paul.  But, at the same token, it’s good to see that he’s having fun and in love…just be carfeul.

Here’s what we’ve read.

Sir Paul McCartney has taken his new lover to meet his sixth grandchild.

The 66-year-old musician has been on a US road trip with girlfriend Nancy Shevell but decided to fly back to England early after his eldest daughter Mary, 38, gave birth to her third child.

A source told Britain’s Daily Mirror newspaper: “Paul is over the moon and couldn’t wait to jump on a plane.

“It’s a very personal thing meeting a new grandchild for the first time, but he loves Nancy so much that he wanted her to be there.

“He is only expected to be here a few days to catch up with the family before he flies back to the US with Nancy.”

Mary has two sons – eight-year-old Arthur and Elliot, five – with her ex-husband Alistair Donald. Her newborn son is her first child with lover Simon Aboud.

Paul’s fashion-designer daughter Stella, 36, has Miller, three, Bailey, one and seven-month-old Beckett with her husband Alasdhair Willis.

Source: My Park Mag


2 Responses

  1. Mary isn’t his eldest child, though. His eldest child is Heather, who is 45. She isn’t his biological child, but Paul adopted her years ago when he and Linda got married.

  2. Well, Nancy looks a little bit like a rock ‘n’ roll chic, dosen’t she. Like she enjoy listening to Led Zeppelin records. Heather Mills looked more like she was into Wham. Paul needs a woman who can bring out the electric guitars in him. I’m looking forward to the next studio album already. I february there was talk of new album this summer, what happened. Just rumours? That was an electronic album, wasn’t it. Maybe I’m wrong about Nancy, that she enjoy listening to Kraftwerk, not Led Zeppelein. Or both?

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