John Lennon’s Killer Denied Parole for 5th Time.

I won’t type his name here in my introduction, but John Lennon’s murderer is still behind bars.  Personally, I don’t think he should ever be up for parole, but that’s just my opinion.  It is better for the world as a whole to simply forget about this man and the reprehensible acts he has committed. 

I hope for his sake, and for the sake of the world that he never gets to leave his prison cell. 

Here’s what we’ve read.

Mark David Chapman, imprisoned for murdering former Beatle John Lennon in New York nearly 28 years ago, has been denied parole for a fifth time, state authorities said on Tuesday.

The New York State Division of Parole said in a statement that the 53-year-old’s request for parole was denied “due to concern for the public safety and welfare.”

Chapman is serving a sentence of 20 years to life for shooting and killing Lennon as he and his wife, Yoko Ono, arrived at their apartment building on December 8, 1980.

Ono was not immediately available for comment on Chapman’s parole denial.

The board noted that Chapman’s disciplinary record had been clean since October 1994, but that during his parole interview, he stated that he planned and executed “the premeditated slaying of John Lennon with an essentially clear mind.”

“Your conduct thus precipitated a horrendously tragic event which has impacted many individuals,” the board said. “Your discretionary release at this time would thus not be compatible with the welfare of society at large, and would tend to deprecate the seriousness of the instant offense, and undermine respect for the law.”

(Read the entire artice here.)

Source: Reuters


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  1. In some ways, I wish he WOULD get paroled. He wouldn’t survive a minute out in the world. From what I’ve heard, he has had many threats on his life. Rightly so. Whoever takes him out will be my hero.

    Doesn’t it sicken you to think that OUR tax money allows him to continue to exist?

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