Beatles’ contract with Brian Epstein up for auction.

Oh to have unlimited funds.  You see, my dear readers, I am but a lowly public servant.  While money is good with the job I have, we do not have exorbidant amounts to spend on rock memorabilia.  Maybe one day I will win the lottery, and then my profession would simply be “That Guy WhoCollects Really Cool Beatles’ Stuff.”  That would be something.  I would be the envy of most everyone.  Well for now I can drool.

Checkout the Fame Bureau auction site for complete details, and more information about all the items up for auction.

 (Click here for larger image, from BBC)

  •  The BBC has posted an article on this awesome auction as well.

Here’s what we’ve read.

The Beatles’ first fully signed contract with manager Brian Epstein is expected to raise 250,000 pounds ($476,000) when it comes up for auction in London in September.

Epstein’s personal copy of the historic document will be included in auctioneer The Fame Bureau’s Sept. 4 sale of rock and pop memorabilia at the Idea Generation Gallery in east London, said an e-mailed statement issued on behalf of the specialist auction house.

The contract, which entitled the manager to 25 percent of the band’s gross earnings, was signed by Epstein on Oct. 1, 1962, after he secured the Beatles’ first record agreement with EMI.

John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr (under his birth name Richard Starkey) had signed the contract earlier that year, on Jan. 24, 1962; Epstein withheld his signature until he had clinched their first deal. The fathers of Harrison and McCartney were also signatories, as their sons were under 21 at the time, said the statement.

“This is the most important pop music document that’s left in private hands,” said Ted Owen, managing director of The Fame Bureau, in a phone interview. “It’s a life-changing contract for the Beatles.”

Pop Collector

The contract has been put up for sale by a businessman from northern England who collects pop memorabilia, said Owen. It last came up for auction at Christie’s, London, in May 2004, when it fetched 122,850 pounds with saleroom fees.

The Fame Bureau auction will also include the Bechstein piano used by the Beatles to record “Hey Jude,” estimated at between 300,000 pounds and 400,000 pounds.

In October 2000, at a joint New York and London auction organized by Fleetwood Mac drummer Mick Fleetwood and Ted Owen, singer George Michael paid 1.67 million pounds with fees for the piano on which Lennon wrote “Imagine.”

In 1985, Sotheby’s sold Lennon’s hand-painted Rolls-Royce Phantom V for $2.3 million.

A 1965 Fender Stratocaster that Jimi Hendrix set alight at the Finsbury Astoria theater in London in March 1967 is estimated at 500,000 pounds. According to The Fame Bureau, this was the first guitar that Hendrix set fire to during a live performance.

Source: Bloomberg


4 Responses

  1. I guess you will have to stick with: “That Guy Who Writes About Really Cool Beatles’ Stuff.” But that is a mighty good title too!


  2. Nice…thank you my friend 🙂

  3. Beatles are the best ! Just wonder does they aproved by EU to keep their copyrightes more than 50 years ?

  4. I think that with things like that, copyright last until 50 years after their death

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