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A new Starr is born: Ringo’s granddaughter takes to the stage

It looks like the extended Beatle family can add another performing member to its roster.  This is the first Beatle grandchild to be performing on the rock and roll stage.  It’s good to see Beatle babies keeping the family business alive, so to speak.

Maybe Tatia can jam with dad Zak and granpa Ringo in the near future.  I wonder what family get togethers are like in their house.  I can just imagine everyone huddled around their instruments and all breaking into song.  Cool. 

Zak's daughter Tatia Starkey lights up the stage

I love the leopard pants by the way.

Here’s what we’ve read.

She crashed out the guitar chords like a born rocker.

And with Ringo Starr for a grandfather, that’s exactly what Tatia Starkey is.

This is Ringo’s 22-year-old granddaughter pictured for the first time on stage playing bass in her fledgling band, Belakiss.

Her father is Ringo’s son Zak Starkey, sometime drummer for The Who and Oasis.

But Tatia, who uses the stage name Veronica Avant, is clearly no slavish follower of family tradition.

After seeing her father’s drumming forever compared unfavourably to her grandfather’s, she wisely decided to become a guitarist.

Before playing at the Barfly venue in Camden, North London, at the weekend, Tatia told how Zak, now 42, tried to teach her piano as a child, but she would get bored and run away.

It has taken her a while to return to music.

And even with Tatia and frontman Ruari Meehan – the son of The Shadows’ original drummer Tony Meehan – in the Belakiss line-up, they have yet to land a record deal.

At the same time, 68-year-old Ringo is going strong – touring in the US with Ringo Starr And His All Starr Band.

Source: Mail on Sunday


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  1. im sorry to bring this up. but a metal band by the name of Bela Kiss has been around for a while now, already have a record deal with a few albums and EPs out, and ive been a fan of them for quite a few years. it seems as if Tatia will have to change her bands name to land a contract.

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