“Give Peace a Chance” remix hits #1.

It so amazing to me that Yoko and her remix projects have stuck such a chord with people.  It’s hard to imagine raver kids, and techno clubers, and other dancing the night away to Yoko Ono.  I know she was always cutting edge, and was able to hang with the art school crowd, but honestly I never really expected a resurgence of Yoko Ono in popularity.  I mean, she’s already proven that she can hang with the indie kids too, with an appearance at the Pitchfork festival, but is also comfortable with the techno ravers too.

She’s so versatile. 

Please let us know what you think of Yoko’s latest remix.  We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.  I know that the message of the song is more pressing and relevant than it ever was, but I think, at this point, the song’s been covered and chopped up enough throughout the years.  Please leave it well enough alone.  Just let me hear the original.

For now though, check out the remixed version of the Lennon classic at Yoko’s official myspace page. Let us know your thoughts about the remix.  You will either love it or hate, or so we’ve heard.

Our hats are off to you Mrs. Lennon.  Congrats on another #1 single.

Here’s what we’ve read.


Yoko Ono is this weeks NUMBER ONE on the American Billboard Hot Dance Club Play Chart for the FOURTH time – A feat unrivalled by any other artist of her generation.

The Billboard Hot Dance Club Play Chart is the most authoritative dance chart in America – meaning this week more American clubbers are dancing to Yoko Ono than to any other artist, whether in the dance or the mainstream genres.

ONO’s previous Billboard No.1 dance singles have been:

Walking On Thin Ice (May 2003)
Everyman Has A Man Who Loves Him/
Every Woman Has A Woman Who Loves Her (Nov 2004)
No No No (Jan 2008)
Give Peace A Chance (v1) (v2) (Aug 2008).

Ono’s current album “Yes, I’m A Witch” has seen her work reinterpreted by some of the most credible contemporary figures in music, including Antony Heggarty, Cat Power, Jason Pierce and the Flaming Lips. Meanwhile, she continues to combine her work as one of the world’s leading conceptual artists with making music and working as a peace activist.

The success of Ono’s new version of Give Peace A Chance proves that the peace message John Lennon and Yoko worked so hard to spread has been adopted by a new generation of clubbers, music fans and DJs, to whom Yoko says simply:
I thank you with all my heart and send you much love,

Source: Imagine Peace


12 Responses

  1. Well, remix songs to meet a new and younger audience is getting older than me. I’m not very impressed by it anymore. Just leave the songs as they are. If it doesn’t speak to younger people as the song is, then the song is probably out of date, because it belongs to a certain era, that dosen’t excist anymore. Just let the song die, it’s not worth saving. But as far as I can see, the songs of John Lennon will survive, because they are so well crafted and songwriters can always learn from them. And the guy really had something to say to the world an will live on just because of that. There are so many songs out there, but 99 percent of them are only cliches, good enough to enjoy some fifteen minutes, then you’re tired, and the songs fades away from your memory. Lennons songs aren’t like that. He was a poet too, and honest like few popsingers would ever dare to be. From time to time, his songs will maybe be less relevant, but they will always survive, and suddenny become fashonable again. Without remixes. It’s not like Lennons songs will die when Yoko dies. It’s the quality of the songs that make them survive, not Yoko. But then again, it’s alright what she does, and maybe Lennon would have liked it, but for my taste, I don’t care too much for it. Yoko made som good music until Lennon died, and in the aftermath of that, then she faded creatively,. It’s obvious that a songwriting genius like John lennon brought out the best of her own musical/lack of musical talents. That’s my opinion though.

  2. Why remix a masterpiece?
    I didn’t like the remix at all.
    It seemed to take the John Lennon-ess
    out of it.
    And it is a John Lennon work of art.
    Why change what is already good?

  3. why not “change” it ?? the grooves in your original record havent changed. it sounds just like it did yesterday. play that. ignore the other if you dont like it. you people act like you actually have ANYTHING IN THE WORLD to do with this music. you DONT. you just bought it.
    the fact you say “it is a John Lennon work of art” to validate your belief shows i was always right about Beatle Freaks versus Beatle fans. the freaks dont even understand what theyre so overzealous about. Lennon would have been the first to trumpet these remixes.
    the comment of the site proprietor “its obvious that…. John Lennon brought out the best of her musical/lack of musical talents again shows me how little Beatle Freaks know about the actual body of work. SHE freed LENNON on HER lps. didnt you listen to his playing on FLY or YOKO ONO POB ?????? didnt you read his words when he was alive and giving all the kudos to HER ????
    Beatle Freaks drive me nuts. and one killed Lennon and almost got George. if i were Ringo or Paul id be scared. youre still out there..

  4. You don’t have to be a fan to kill people, Bob. It’s enough that you don’t care about people, don’t give a shit about them. Like you don’t care about Beatles fans opinions. What do you know, maybe that scares the shit out of me? You don’t respect my opinion and thats pretty frigthening, isn’t it? Maybe you shouldn’t take it so serioulsy. It’s only opinions you know, and it won’t change anyting. Like I said earlier, it’s only MY opinion if I don’t like the remix. It’s not like it’s the end of world or something. It’s just a matter of taste. And like I said; I do enjoy Yoko’s music. But like Supertramp and lots of other artists, I think she made her best music in the 70’s. But hey, that’s only my opinion …

  5. I forgot to say that I don’t care about what Lennon thought about Yoko’s music. I can easily make up my own mind. And I am unsure of her musical talent, always was, and always will be. That said; I appreciate her records. Lennon is all over them, probably that’s why. And she is a great ARTIST though.

  6. Geez, Bob! Over-reaction, just a bit? Opinions are as varied as the people out there. Just because they don’t match yours doesn’t mean you should call them out as a potential Beatle killer. That’s going way too far. The good blogmaster asked for opinions – I assume he didn’t mean just yours. We’re a family here – we all love the lads and their music. I would like to express an opinion wthout being called a nut case, thank you very much.

  7. Jim Gordon, the drummer who played on records for both Lennon and Harrison, killed his own mother in the 70’s. I guess that makes Ringo a potential mamakiller? At least according to Bob. Watch out all you mothers out there, drumming sons can seriously damage your health! C’mon, Bob. Yoko Ono has always been controversial. It wouldn’t suprise me if deep down in her heart, she enjoys it. And not liking her music, is not the same as calling her ugly, or stupid, or whatever out of context. That’s just cruel. Records are made so people can listen to them, and make up their minds. Debate them. That’s what music and art is there for. Art imitates life, so you can put into perspective. Some artits you like, some you don’t. Like artists is singing about what they like and don’t like in this world, as a listener you have every right to do the same. If you’re afraid some people don’t like your music, then you shouldn’t be an artist. You can’t win them all …

  8. There are thousands of people every year, releasing music and records, that the record buying public don’t want to buy, because they don’t like the music … or the artist. The only difference is that unlike Yoko Ono, most of them have to give up their dream, and go find themselves a steady day job. Or else they starve and die. Yoko just kept going, doing what she loves the most, even if the public wasn’t with her. She didn’t wind up working in a gas station, or anything else she didn’t want to do, like many aspiring artists have to, if they haven’t got that something, that makes people appriciate them. That’s quite a privilege, if you ask me. She was married to her biggest fan. Go figure.

  9. The remix isn’t my kind of thing, but kudos to Yoko, it seems her time has finally come.

    The original is still there for those who prefer it. Who knows, maybe the remixes will spark some new people to seek it out.

  10. I’ve been listening to Yoko for thirty years. Her most important music was made beteen 1970-81, “Yoko Ono/plastic Ono Band” – “Season of Glass”. John whipped her ass to achive greatness from her, and Yoko rose to the occasion. This remix is just a remix, anybody could have done it, and maybe that’s why there’s some sort off a Yoko rennaissance going on these days. She seems more “normal” than she did before. A dedicated follower of fashion, like everybody else. It’s alright with me, Yoko is Yoko. But if people want to listen to her best work, get the records she made between ’70-’81. John was her hardest critic, no prisoners, and it shows.

  11. She seems more “normal” than she did before.

  12. That Yoko can’t be trusted.
    I know of her actions many years and I’m right.

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