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Yoko Ono wish tree.

So, I wonder what I would wish for if I were to put a wish on one of Yoko Ono’s sponsored Wish Trees. There are so many things, like world peace, end of hunger, governments that work, prosperity and love for all. Or I can think of wishing for Beatles remasters, cool new remixes like “Love”, maybe I would wish for the release of Carnival Of Light or the long version of Helter Skelter. Or maybe it is some cute girl somewhere, who knows?

So, if you had a Yoko Ono Wish Tree, what would you wish for?

Five year-old Portia Brugger wish on the tree during the opening of the Yoko Ono “Wish Tree” installation at One Colorado in Pasadena. Everyone was invited to write a wish on special labels and tie them to one of 21 crape myrtle tree, the wishes will later be collected and taken to Iceland, to join the wishes of hundreds of other people worldwide in the memorial to Ono’s late husband,Beatle John Lennon on Saturday August 2, 2008, in Pasadena. (Staff Photo by Keith Birmingham)

Here’s what we’ve read:

Yoko Ono wrote:

“Wish Tree for Pasadena

Write your wish.

Tie it on a branch of the tree.

Ask your friends to do the same.

Keep Wishing.

Y.O. 2008”

And here’s what else we read:

Source: http://www.pasadenastarnews.com/ci_10082715


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