Pete Best Combo “Haymans Green” release dates

The Pete Best Combo is releasing a new album entitled “Haymans Green”.  There are new updates to worldwide release dates, as it appears the UK release has moved up.

Here’s what we’ve read:

The album/Cd “Haymans Green” is being released in the USA and Canada on the 17th of September, this is the general release date worldwide, but of course you know that. However, the UK release has been held back so that we can do UK television and so forth.

UK release is now the 27th of October, and that´s official.

Germany and Europe is the 24th of October.

Sweden and Scandinavia is 25th of October.

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4 Responses

  1. This album should be a number one hit.

  2. Wow!!!
    This album will knock your socks off !!!
    Refreshing, new, emotional,different, and covers all the stops!
    But most of all, every track addictive and leaving you wanting more.
    Not just Beatle fans will love this GEM of an album!!!

  3. I have just heard my first few samples from the album and loved it. i can’t wait to get a full copy…

  4. This is certainly a great album. You will love it. Great songs; nice harmonies…and more.
    Kind regards from The Netherlands.

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