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Beatles recording sells for nearly £10,000

I just can’t help but wonder if the tape buyer is one of our great friends in the Beatleg community. But it looks like the so-called “giggling tape”, which appears to be a recording for the 1964 Top Gear program on the BBC has been sold at auction now for almost $20,000 US dollars, or £10,000. It would be very cool to one day be able to listen to these tapes, perhaps we will someday!

Here’s what we’ve read:

A UNIQUE Beatles recording which attracted worldwide interest has sold for almost £10,000 at a Midgham auction today (Tuesday, August 5).

The tape – which dated back to 1964 – includes snippets of the band laughing and joking around and the only known version of soul song Don’t Put Me Down Like This, a John Lennon favourite.

It was handed to Cameo Auctioneers by an anonymous seller after he found it while clearing out his father’s attic. An internet buyer bought the recording for £9,800 after the sale at the Kennet Holme auctioneers.

The recording includes 13 tracks, most of which appeared on the 1964 Beatles For Sale LP.It also includes snippets of the band members laughing and joking. The recording was sold as part of a huge auction at the auctioneers, which specialises in music and entertainment sales.

Source: Newbury Today


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