Update to Let It Be DVD

Beatles Rooftop Concert from Let It Be

Well, today there is news on a couple fronts, but they are not “news articles”, but rather posts from other sites and forums. So, rather than reprint a couple of articles, I think it best to refer in this case.

The article that was published about the Let It Be DVD appears to be from a tabloid news source, and isn’t necessarily fact.

I am not sure on news blog etiquette in these matters, but I will refer the readers to another Beatles news page by our great friends at the AbbeyRd site.  They have an exclusive quote from an Apple spokesman refuting the claims of the prior article:

An Apple spokesperson, when contacted by Abbeyrd’s Beatles Page, told us, “We do have plans to release it some time in the future.” There you have it.

Soas not to just “steal” another blog/sites work on an exclusive, I will refer you to their website instead of reprinting their full article. Please see here:


UPDATE 8/4/08

Here is an article external from the above site that states this, reprinted here.

Here’s what we’ve read:

The Beatles Let It Be Will Be Released
by Paul Cashmere – August 4 2008

Reports stating that Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr have blocked the release of The Beatles Let It Be DVD are completely untrue.

Steve Marinucci from Beatles site AbbeyRd`s Beatles Page has confirmed with Apple that there are plans to release the long awaited movie, but just not right now.

Marinucci pointed out in an email that the story circulating last week claiming McCartney and Starr were blocking the release came from a blog at the Chicago Tribune.

After the original story requested the release of Let It Be, bloggers added their bits to the point were the truth certainly got in the way of a good story.

Marinucci set about to debunk the story. The official word from Apple, The Beatles record company is “we do have plans to release it some time in the future”.

`Let It Be` was filmed in 1969 and released to cinemas in 1970. The movie was meant to document The Beatles recording but instead captured the destruction of the band. However, the movie is historic as it is the most complete look inside The Beatles inner sanctum and despite the results, shows the fans what went on during the recording process.

In 1971, the film won an Academy Award for Best Music Score and a Grammy Award for Best Original Score Written for a Motion Picture or Television Special.

While last week`s story is now proven completely unfounded, there is still no official time-line for the release of the movie on DVD.

Source: http://undercover.com.au/News-Story.aspx?id=5860


3 Responses

  1. Aaaah, so Yoko is the problem here…. *knowing nod*

  2. […] is sure to be at the tops of your list.  I know this isn’t the DVD release that we were all hoping for, but it’s better than nothing I guess.  We’ll have to wait until next year when the […]

  3. Has the DVD been released. If so where can I get a copy

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