More Updates On Beatles Tape

World-renowned Beatle expert and author Doug Sulpy has posted that he was able to listen to samples of the “giggling” tape that Wogew has identified as from the Top Gear sessions for the BBC. The song Don’t Let Me Down Like This was not the Beatles at all, but rather, Cliff Bennett and the Rebel Rousers. Sulpy also identified Too Much Monkey Business, Nitty Gritty,  Somethings Got A Hold On Me, and I Shall Not Be Moved as all being performed by  The Hollies, though the Beatles did in fact cover Too Much Monkey Business.

So, the only actual “new” items on this tape, according to Sulpy, are the breakdowns between songs and a different version of I’ll Follow The Sun. The other tracks have appeared elsewhere.

It is well known that Mr. Sulpy does not like his writing reprinted without permission, so out of respect for that, I will simply refer you to his site where he states what I have summarized:


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