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Mills ‘has no evidence’ against Macca

Hmmm, I know I am guest blogging this week, but I really hate articles about Heather Mills. It is though the many articles of late delight her come-uppance, but yet, in many ways, she seems mighty deserving. Her publicist recently quit, she couldn’t take Heather Mills anymore, either.  So, ’nuff said there….

Here’s what we tried not to read:

Mills 'has no evidence' against Macca

Mills ‘has no evidence’ against Macca

Heather Mills has no evidence that she could use against her ex-husband Paul McCartney, her former publicist has claimed.
As the ex-model’s divorce battle with McCartney rumbled on earlier this year, it was suggested that Mills had damaging tapes which proved the Beatles legend had been abusive towards her.

However, Michele Elyzabeth, who parted company with Mills last week, has now insisted that there is no truth in the claims.

She told US TV show Access Hollywood: “I really don’t believe she did [have the tapes]. I was close enough and I heard a couple of conversations. Now that I know what I know, I don’t really think that Paul really went after her for anything.

“She had basically nothing – she had tapes of her being in the studio with him, her being on the road with him, private moments. She told me a bunch of stuff… [but] I don’t see him being a violent person.”

Elyzabeth has described Mills as a “maniac” and an “impossible” person to work with since quitting her job last week.

And here is an article about the publicist quitting:

Ex-Publicist Agrees With British Press About Heather Mills

Heather Mills’ former publicist has spoken out against her former employer, saying she agrees with the British media’s low opinion of Paul McCartney’s ex-wife.

“After working for Heather Mills for the past four years, I have decided to cease representing her,” Michele Elyzabeth said in a statement to “Extra.”

“Since her divorce has become final, in my opinion, Heather has become an impossible person. Yesterday, we engaged in a heated argument during which she called me ‘stupid.’ I reminded her that she was not ‘God’ and she answered, ‘I will never ever talk to you again.'”

Elyzabeth adds that she has been “very patient” with Mills, but “cannot take anymore.”

“I have given her substantial unpaid time and attention. I am owed money. I refuse to be subjected to her outbursts. On reflection and given the way I have been treated, I now have sympathy with much of what the British Press has reported about her.”

Mills, 40, emerged from the bitter divorce with a settlement of $47.5 million and custody of the couple’s 4-year-old daughter, Beatrice. McCartney, 66, retained the bulk of his fortune, estimated at $880 million.

McCartney married Mills, whose left leg was amputated below the knee after a 1993 motorcycle accident, in an Irish castle in 2002. They separated four years later.

Source: Fox News


2 Responses

  1. In a relationship gone bad everyone is a bit bitchy. All that misery going on. But a person like Paul McCartney is not a violent person, he’s not that kind of person. Not that i know him personally, but I know his music, and you can’t hide yourself behind songs for 40 years, even if you don’t sing about yourself you can’t do that. It’s got something to do with vibe. Paul McCartney has a lot of good vibrations, I think that’s some of the reason I love his music. But of course, the guy is only human, and like everybody else he probably has his bad days. Noting wrong with that.

  2. I’m sure this revelation is not news to any true Paul fan.

    Heather is a selfish habitual lying thief, that should not have custody of Bea.

    This psycho- freak should be locked up or made to live in Iraq.

    Paul was a true gentleman through the whole divorce, unlike Mills with her constant attacks.

    Paul has moved on and is doing great, but Heather is still full of hate and revenge.

    Rock on Paul you will be fine, Nancy seems like a nice lady.

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