Beatlegmania Volume 3

Well, I am not sure what the “rule” in this blog is about posting such things as this, so I hope no one minds. But one of the great Beatleg authors in our community is releasing now the newest book in his series, Beatlegmania Volume 3 by John C. Winn. I have several other books that he has done, and they are vital reading to those interested in all the details and chronologies of the Beatles and bootlegs, as Beatlegmania covers. The books Way Beyond Compare, That Magic Feeling, and Lifting Latches cover the entire known Beatles output of extant recordings up to the time of printing. And Winn does a great job in giving life and detail to the stories about how songs and video came about or appeared, I can’t recommend them enough! And there is great news that instead of mail order, these books will be reprinted and in American bookstores:

Winn wrote: “Finally, I’m pleased to announce that fully updated versions of “Way Beyond Compare” and “That Magic Feeling” will be coming out shortly from Three Rivers Press. I’ve added hundreds of entries to the revised editions, incorporating all the new material to surface over the last five years.  “Way Beyond Compare” should be available in your local bookstore around November, with “That Magic Feeling” to follow next spring!

So, that is mighty cool for those who didn’t get them before. The books by John C. Winn would be a much better Christmas present than the jukebox below!

Anyways, Beatlegmania is now being released as well, so I hope our friends in the Beatles community continue to support one of their own.

 Here’s what we’ve read: 

An Illustrated Discography
Volume Three by John C. Winn


This exciting book is the third in a series of illustrated discographies
which will comprise the world’s first accurate, detailed and exhaustive catalog
examining over 35 years of grey- and black-market Beatles releases.
Volume Three features details of more vinyl bootlegs,
including the complete SAPCOR and Beatles At The Beeb series,
with over 400 full-color illustrations depicting front and back covers,
labels, advertisements, inserts, and more! Reliable track listings, fully cross-referenced
Historical context explained!
Secrets and hidden references revealed! Future volumes will cover thousands of 45s, EPs, LPs, CDs, and DVDs

This and all future volumes of Beatlegmania are LIMITED to 500 COPIES (half the usual Multiplus print run)!

It’s time for the newest installment in the “Beatlegmania” series!Volume Three covers more vinyl bootlegs, ranging from 1970 right up to 2007 (yes, they are still being produced). It includes the infamous SAPCOR series as well as the “Beatles At The Beeb” albums, along with singles, EPs, and much more!


The book is at the printers now, so it should be ready to ship in a couple of weeks. You can check out sample pages, view the cover, and place your order at the Multiplus Books website:

You’ll notice that most of my other books are sold out or nearly sold out. Less than 30 copies of “Beatlegmania Volume Two” remain, and “Lifting Latches” is GONE.


Thanks for all your continued support of Multiplus Books! 


– John C. Winn


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  1. I saw the Yahoo feature today that said the number one albums of all time were not from the Beatles. Either way, their fame and success is legendary and well-established. Love those images at the top of the page!

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