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Beatles brand jukebox being introduced

Collectors of any sort can be nutty people. When the Beatles were around still together, it was Beatle wigs and lunchboxes and games and of course the different variations of releases. Those who collect bootlegs of the Beatles are also an obsessive bunch, needing every last morsel of audio and video in existence, no matter how short or no matter what the quality. My walls have Beatles pictures mounted in frames, special Beatles mugs, limited edition picture plates, calendars, and even a Beatles bus telephone (it even works, but I am wireless now…) And that Beatles Monopoly game (US only) that is coming soon, just one more thing a Beatles collector just has to have.

So, what is one more crazy item to collect? Well, everyone needs a jukebox, of course! (You mean, you didn’t know? Well, now you do!) And so one is being introduced. No prices yet, and the artwork is small but looks a little cheesy, but, hey, it is a Beatles collectable!

Here’s what we’ve read:

caroline mickler limited, lordsvale, the beatlesBeatles-branded jukeboxes revealed

Lordsvale rolls out products illustrated with famous Beatles cartoon themes.

Lordsvale sales, one of the leading firms in the design and marketing of branded amusement machines and games, has been licensed by Caroline Mickler Limited to design Beatles-branded jukeboxes in the UK market.

Working with premier jukebox manufacturer, Sound Leisure, Lordsvale has produced two jukeboxes, each illustrated with famous Beatles cartoon themes. The first includes illustrations based on The Beatles’ animated movie Yellow Submarine with artwork featuring the characters from the film.

The second is based on the US cartoon series The Beatles and features classic images from various episodes. Each jukebox holds 70 CDs with other features including microphone input for karaoke, iPod compatibility, remote control and a dual 60 Watt amplifier.

Source: http://www.licensing.biz/news/1594/Beatles-branded-jukeboxes-revealed


3 Responses

  1. This has been available at Beatles.com for ages hasn’t it?

  2. These Beatle Jukboxes sound wonderful. I and many others would like to know if they are going to be affordable? Could you update us on that on this website? Also could you find comments from Billy Joel about Paul’s appearance and performance at his Shea Stadium gig?
    You guys are doing a right, great job on this site. Keep up the great work.

  3. Brotherjohn is right, the jukeboxes are available on the Beatles UK store site for 4,495 pounds ($9,000). That includes shipping and installation to UK mainland. Extra shipping for non-UK. I don’t see them listed on the US store site.

    Take a look at the pictures there, they really look much nicer than in that small pic (for that price, I would hope so!) Keep in mind, the jukebox is actually 5 ft tall.

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