With a little help from Yoko Ono.

I trying to picture what the dinner table conversation would look like for the average primary school kid.  I picture it going somethin like this:

Parent: “Honey, how was your day at (summer) school?”  DId you do anything intersting?”

Kid: “Not really.  We chatted with this weird Japanese lady, who’s into big hats, and talking about her husband who died.  He was into music and bugs. We were thinking about world peace, and art too. It was a busy day.”

Pupils from St Mary’s Primary School prepare for their history project on John Lennon and the Beatles.

I know not all kids are that clueless, and these kids seemed pretty hip to the Lennon history and vibe, but as a child if I mentioned Yoko Ono at my mom’s dinner table, I would have gotten a strange reaction.  I couldn’t imagine the reaction if I told my mom that I was chatting with her on the internet.  That’s really awesome that Yoko would get involved with these kids like that.  Kudos to her.

Here’s what we’ve read.

WHEN a Batley school turned to a local theatre group for help with a project on the Beatles they never expected John Lennon’s widow Yoko Ono to get in touch.
But that’s what happened when St Mary’s Primary School pupils contacted Stephen Walker, chairman of St Mary’s Theatre Group, looking for information for their history project on the 1960s, John Lennon and his famous band.

Mr Walker contacted a family friend, film producer Simon Hilton who is working with Yoko Ono on The Life of John Lennon.

Mr Hilton organised for pupils’ photographs to be posted on Yoko Ono’s Imagine Peace website along with their questions which she answered.

Mr Walker and his son Andrew also visited the school and gave the children a talk, took some 1960s clothing and artifacts and Andrew played some Beatles music for the pupils to sing along to.

– Here is a selection of the questions posted for Yoko Ono, along with her replies:

Owen Nagy: Where did you and John meet and get married?

YO: We met in London, and got married in Gibraltar.

Owen Nagy: What is your favourite band at the moment or what genre of music do you like?

YO:I like all types of music. I am especially into indie music, now. In terms of bands, I like bands like Coldplay, Radiohead and Green Day, who are not afraid to experiment.

Ben Ormsby: Did you like being famous?

YO: Is this a question for me or for John?Both of us felt that it was a fact we must deal with, and deal with it well.

Ben Ormsby: Where was John buried?

YO: I can’t tell you. He wanted it to be private.

Ben Ormsby: Did you think The Beatles would be so famous?

YO:John said he always knew they would be big. I don’t know if he had imagined how big they would be though. As for me, I knew the Beatles were famous. They already were when I met them.

Source: Batley News


2 Responses

  1. Green Day? Experiment? Radiohead is a good choice. But Yoko should also listen to The Flaming Lips and Motorpsycho (the Norwegian band). Arcade Fire is a very good new band. Maybe the best new band in the 00’s yet. And Sufjan Stevens, he is making some interesting progressive music. The Shins are very good, excellent songwriting. And Rilo kiley. And Paul McCartney of course. “Memory almost full”. A really good debut from last year. It wouldn’t suprise me if this guy would make it big.

  2. And not to forget Wilco. They make excellent experimental records. And Robert Wyatt of course. Not a youngster at all, he made his debut with Soft Machine in 1968. But forty years into his career he is still going strong with an imaginatin most young musicians can only dream of. And Scott Walker, we can’t forget him. “The Drift” from 2006 are the most spaced out album I’ve heard since, well, probably since his last record from 1995, “Tilt”. Scott Walker are great. Always was and always will be. And Ringo Starr. A drummer who makes great albums these days. I don’ t remember what band he used to play in, but these days he is going it alone and the last one “Liverpool 8” are a great one. Hey, Liverpool, John Lennon was born there! Maybe Ringo is from Liverpool too. Who knows, Yoko should listen to him. Promising young guy. I assure you.

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