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VIDEO ROUNDUP: Paul live in Quebec.

God bless the internet and all of it’s treasures.  Look at how many different perspectives, and bootleg shots we get to see of Paul McCartney’s birthday celebration for Quebec.  Before the age of camera phones, and video links most of us were left out in the cold. 

  • Check this link out to see most of the videos on youtube from Paul’s really big show in Quebec.

Here’s a few of our favorites.

Mrs. Vanderbilt

I’ll Follow the Sun

Flaming Pie

All My Loving


One Response

  1. It is with regret that I, as a proud Canadian living on the West Coast of Canda, could not attend the free McCartney concert in Quebec a few days ago.

    Paul I’ve seen you three times. Once with Wings Over America in St. Paul, the second time in Toronto for the Flowers In The Dirt Tour and the 2005 “US” tour in Seattle. They were quite honestly the 3 best concxerts I’ve ever attended.

    Hell he seems to be getting better (all the time) as he gets older.

    What an inspiration Paul McCartney has been to me my whole life. I love the Beatles. I love how Paul has lived his life and his career. Now he’s making really good albums again, his new band is simply “amazing” and his shows and judgement and life seem to be improving daily.

    Paul if you read this: PLEASE COME TO VANCOUVER. BRITISH COLUMBIA this time around…you were here with the Beatles…please come again on your upcoming world tour.

    I love ya Paul, you da man, mate.

    Mike Pool
    Abbotsford, BC, CANADA

    I would love tickets to any show anywhere and a chance to meet you. That’s my dream man, to say I talked to you.

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