VIDEO: John Lennon – “Just One of The Boys” (REDUX).

A month or so ago, we posted a roundup of user-created imaginary Beatle reunion tracks. (Check that story out here.)  It seems we had forgotten one of them in the mix.  It is a wonderful listen, and I will put it next to the other “imaginary reunion” tracks on my iPod.

I see this track alongside George Harrison’s “When We Was Fab.”  It’s a little bit of Lennon fun, with John reminiscing of the past fondly.

John Lennon – One of The Boys

Here’s what we’ve read.

This originally sparce demo by John Lennon with only a guitar and him singing has been significantly augmented by two other “boys”! One is a guy named Nil, who synced a kick drum to John Lennon’s original track, and the other is Rich Leavitt, who added a full synth drum track, a few guitars, bass, and backing vocals. They both post to The Beatles newsgroup RMB ( and have done a fine job in bringing this great song, that John had intended for a Broadway production, closer to being complete. Enjoy!

Source: Youtube


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