VIDEO: Paul McCartney rocks Shea stadium with last song.

Paul McCartney was the closing surprise guest at Billy Joel’s blowout concert celebrating the raising and demolition of the famed Shea Stadium in New York City.

The closing musical performance couldn’t have been more appropriate.  Billy Joel shared the spotlight with a musical icon who ushered in the idea of stadium rock, and was among the first artist to headline Shea Stadium in the first place.  The house was truly rocking.

Here are two of the best video clips out there, so far, of Paul’s Shea Stadium farewell performances.

Let It Be

I Saw Her Standing There

WOW…it would have been so cool to have been there.


6 Responses

  1. That Billy Joel has really bad mouth. I know he’s younger than Paul, but looks so much older. Pretty loose tie, Paul.

  2. “Bad mouth”?? “Loose tie”??

    ANYway, looks and sounds like everyone had a great time! It was appropriate for Paul to close the last show at Shea. I’m glad he could make it.

  3. […] 43 years after The Beatles opened Shea and stadiums to rock and roll. Paul sat in for two encores, I Saw Her Standing There and what is now Shea’s coda, Let It Be. The place went absolutely […]

  4. Too much fun – Paul rocks out to saw Her Standing and closes with the ballad that takes on new meaning each and every day. Great job BJ getting him to perform here and Billy Joel always delivers. May both of these guys keep on writing and performing.

  5. Awesome ! I hope I get to see him perform in person
    one of these days !!!

  6. I just got back home from Quebec for the concert.
    It was the most amazing thing, i cant even describe it.
    If anyone ever has to chance, go see him!

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