Yoko Ono gets busy with tons of stuff, and Give Peace a Chance gets remixed.

Yoko Ono has been a really busy woman as of late. 

Last year she prepared two new albums, made a live appearance, debuted a new peace initative, and a tower of light honoring her husband and his efforts for peace.  Most people don’t accomplish all of that in a lifetime.  Here Yoko Ono, has done most of this in less than a year.  Such initiative.

Yoko has a new batch of remixed version of the classic anthem, Give Peace a Chance, and has taken another crack at her acorns for peace initiative, that her and John began all those years ago.  Not too bad for someone who could have retired years ago. 

Here are a recent batch of links to keep up with all the latest news on Ms. Yoko Ono Lennon and all of her varied projects across all mediums.

Here’s what we’ve read.

It’s kind of unfortunate that most people think of Yoko Ono as the woman responsible for breaking up the Beatles. If you appreciate envelope-pushing ladies, you probably know there’s a little more to her than that.

In addition to her far-reaching humanitarian work, Ono has always been fearless about jumping on the cutting edge of art and music production. She’s already released a small handful of electronic dance remix albums, but her most recent release marks a notable music anniversary.

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