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Beatles iPod Coming…To Bloomingdale’s?

We had not read confirmation in other articles about this story, but according to this story The Beatles may be coming to an iPod near you.  Something seems a little odd about this news.  Something seems a little off about all of this.

If this is true, could it mean that the Fab Four may be coming to an handheld Apple owned (no pun intended) Beatles-exclusive iPod.  It seems like kind of a soft launch to usher The Beatles into the digital world.  I will believe it when I finally see it, but for now take it for what it is….just a rumor.

Here’s what we’ve read.

The long-awaited Beatles-iTunes deal could be one step closer to a reality. According to Fashion Week Daily, the Fab Four’s Apple Records has given department store Bloomingdale’s exclusive rights to Beatles images and the store will produce a clothing line featuring Beatles images from records and movies on t-shirts, jackets and accessories for this holiday shopping season.

However, the big news is that Bloomingdale’s will also be selling limited edition Beatles iPods. The iPod will be stocked with every song in the Beatles catalog, but only 100 of them will be made, making the iPod an instant collector’s item. Bloomingdale’s will be selling boxed CD sets as well.

In related news, at Christie’s Rock and Pop memorabilia sale in London yesterday, two pieces of Beatles history were sold to the highest bidder. The hand-painted drum skin from the cover of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band sold for $1.1 million, almost four times more than the estimated sale price. John Lennon’s handwritten lyrics for the song “Give Peace a Chance” were auctioned off as well. The manuscript sold for $834,000, well above the expected selling price of $500,000. A handful of other Beatle items and photographs were auctioned off as well.

Source: FMQB


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  1. I too think it’s a rumor, thinking the news would have been annouced for as much publicity as possible, however I too put your story on my blog. Thanks

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