VIDEO: John Lennon peace summit, 1969 + book news.

I love youtube.  It really is a treasure trove at times.  You stumble across true jewels that are often times overlooked and lost to history. 

This video is a clip I had never seen before, special thanks to PB for sending this link my way.  Imagine, if John were around now, and in full-on peace activist mode.  His public outcry of the war in Iraq, and Darfur would be earth shaking.  It would truly be awesome to watch.  It’s so funny to see the cyclical nature of history, and how we keep repeating ourselves as a human race.

I was vaguely aware of John Lennon’s peace summit in 1969, but was unaware of the video footage.  It looks like there is a relatively new self-published book out there that details Lennon as the activist.

The full details on John Lennon’s peace seminar can be found in the book John Lennon: The Activist. In this clip, which was part of a press conference, John talks about censorship of The Beatles’ “The Ballad of John and Yoko” single, making records, politicians, the peace movement, and the thoughts of the Beatles on peace in general.

John Lennon began his career as an ordinary pop star who made extraordinary music. He slowly began to evolve as his fame grew and became radicalized through meetings and associations with sixties activists. During this time, John referring to himself as a “revolutionary artist.”

The Revolutionary Artist is an examination of Lennon’s forays into activism, his political views, and the music he created during the period. Specific areas of focus include:

– An in-depth look at the 1969 Montreal bed-in, with extensive and wide-ranging interviews
– A previously unreleased transcript of peace seminar Lennon attended at the University of Ottawa
– Discussions between John and Yoko recorded during their Primal Therapy sessions in 1970
– A song-by-song analysis of Lennon’s first three major solo releases, with commentary from John
– Lennon in 1972 running through and offering commentary on all of the songs that he and Paul wrote as the Beatles.

This book looks interesting, and paints a portrait of one of the many faces and facets of John Lennon.  I am going to try to get a hold of a copy, and run a more in-depth review in the future.


4 Responses

  1. … that didn’t take long. The video is no longer available on youtube.

  2. No, the video is still there it works now. It must have been down…

    It’s back up now.

  3. It’s down again now. 😦

  4. Can’t find it either 😦

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