Sir George recipient of “Starry Night” award from Recording Academy.

The world is getting ready to celebrate.  OK, the Grammy world is getting ready to celebrate, and honor a genius in their ranks.  When George Martin retired he was honored with a huge book, boxed set, and tribute album from musicians and celebrities.  This time around, George gets the star-studded dinner treatment.  It looks like all the folks from the Beatle clan will be in attendance as well. 

We are not sure if they all will be there in person, but at least they will stop-by through a video conference.


Hopefully, someone will be able to capture/record the multimedia piece of the evening, about the making of Sgt. Pepper. 

Here’s what we’ve read.

On July 12, The Grammy Foundation will honor Sir George Martin on the USC campus. It is the signature, annual “Starry Night” – a special benefit dinner and concert. Sir George is a legendary, six-time GRAMMY winner, and was knighted by Queen Elizabeth in 1996. He is best known to the world as “The Beatles” who signed them, and produced and arranged most all Beatles records. The president of the Grammy Foundation and The Recording Academy president/CEO Neil Portnow will present the award to Martin on “Starry Night.” “Throughout his legendary career, Sir George has had an impact on music and popular culture that is immeasurable,” said Portnow. “We look forward to paying tribute to a man who has had an indelible influence on generations of music lovers around the world.”


According to Grammy Foundation board chair Steve Schnur, “Sir George’s celebrated career has extended far beyond the recording studio. His is a lifetime commitment to both music and humanity, and it is only fitting that this year’s foundation leadership award honors one of the most iconic figures in music history.”


Martin is currently in pre-production with PBS and Wildheart Entertainment on the eight-part prime-time showcase series, “On The Record: The Soundtrack Of Our Lives.” This unique program traces the history of recorded music and its major impact on our popular culture. It will be hosted by Martin and narrated by two-time Academy-Award winning actor Kevin Spacey, and is slated to air on PBS nationally in fall 2010.


The star-studded line-up for “Starry Night” includes Jeff Beck, Chris Botti, Natalie Cole, Tom Jones, Dave Grusin, Burt Bacharach, Jimmy Webb, Michael McDonald, and a few surprises. The dinner chairs include Sir Paul McCartney, Yoko Ono, Ringo Starr, and Olivia Harrison. Tickets start at $750 – and the gala will take place at McCarthy Quad on The University of Southern California campus.


The Grammy Foundation’s annual signature gala “Starry Night” is presented by Gibson Foundation. On July 11, also at USC, there will be a special multimedia presentation by Martin on “The Making Of Sgt. Pepper” sponsored in part by Best Buy.

Source: Hollywood Today


6 Responses

  1. George Martin deserves this honor and more.
    I hope Paul,Ringo,Yoko and Olivia will be there with him as he receives this award.
    I love George Martin so much, he was/is the fifth Beatle.
    God bless you Mr. Martin
    may you live to be 100.

  2. My friend Katie Hickox attended the Starry Night Grammy Special Presentation for George Martin, and she was witness to the full speech he gave. He spoke highly and extensively of Brian Epstein.

    However ~ not once in any of the numerous printed/released articles I checked is Brian mentioned ~ except for one Brian Cohen in Billboard, who only mentioned his name and that’s it, In the actual text of the speech, Sir George did give Eppy full credit for The Beatles’ success because he pushed his boys at him with such determination.

    He went so far as to say, if it hadn’t been for Brian’s persistence, George Martin would have surely rejected The Beatles himself. The press ~ except for Katie Hickox (of What Goes ~ ignored that part completely.

    I also love Sir George madly, but if Brian hadn’t been so ungodly persistent, the Beatles would never have made it out of Liverpool. What the fans say doesn’t matter when that is what their entire Inner Circle has always claimed!

    It’s Brian Epstein’s turn now ~ after all these years, it’s still not too late.

  3. Oops, I must amend the above comment.

    There were actually two events at which George Martin spoke ~ a Special Presentation of “The Making of Sgt. Pepper” given on Friday, July 11 at the University of Southern California by the Grammy Foundation, at which Sir George spoke for two hours ~ and then the “Starry Night” Grammy Foundation Special Presentation on Saturday, July 12, where his speech lasted only 10 minutes. The first speech is the one at which Katie was in attendance.

    The rest of my comment stands, however, regarding the press ignoring Sir George’s discourse on Brian Epstein.

    Sorry for the mixup.

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  6. Nice site template =) I love it

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