Lennon’s Indian talisman up for auction.

There are a few pieces of Beatles mamorabilia, ephemera, and trivia that I latch onto.  There are a few stories and tales of interest that I have always been curious about. 

You know, this little mini-tales not even about a specific event or person that one seems to focus.  I am fascinated with the story about how they sequenced the White Album.  I am fascinated with the story, and the photos from the cover shoot for the Abbey Road album.  I always want to know more about Jimmy Nichol.  I wonder what happened to John Lennon’s green and silver “Elvis” pin.  And I have always wanted John Lennon’s talisman necklace.  This list is not exhaustive, and sometimes these ideas just pop into my head, but they are there.

I know there is a website that sells replicas of them.  And I have always wanted one, but somehow I cannot part with $90 dollars to get one.  One day I will have to treat myself.

Imagine the stories that the necklace could tell.  What are your favorite little side stories, or pieces of memorabilia that you obsess over?  Let us know in the comments below.

Here’s what we’ve read.

It was the only thing that John Lennon wore when he scandalised the world by posing in the nude with partner Yoko Ono for the cover of his album Two Virgins.

The funky leather-and-bead choker, the lucky charm which the ‘Beatle’ acquired on a journey to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s ashram in India in the 1960s, is expected to fetch up to Rs2 crore ($500,000) at an upcoming online auction.

Peter Siegel, who is the founder of a leading pop culture memorabilia emporium in Manhattan, is putting hundreds of consigned items, including the necklace, on
the block at http://www.gottahaveit.com from July 21 to August 6.

“We are doing an auction of 500 lots featuring rock and pop memorabilia, including handwritten lyrics and letters, stage worn costumes. But the showstopper should be Lennon’s necklace made of leather, beads and stones. It has tremendous cache with collectors because Lennon wore it all the time between the spring of 1967 and 1968. It could easily go for $500,000 (Rs 2 crore),” Siegel told DNA.

“According to Lennon, the talisman gave him tremendous good energy,” said Siegel, confirming that Lennon acquired his lucky charm during the Maharishi phase of his life. Siegel, however, couldn’t pinpoint whether Lennon got the necklace in Delhi or Rishikesh.

The Beatles wrote 48 songs during their seven-week stay at Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s ashram in Rishikesh, where they were introduced to austerity – living in simple rooms with bunk beds.

Lennon is seen wearing the necklace in Paul Saltzman’s photographs of the Beatles, sitting cross-legged with the Maharishi.

He later scandalised music distributors by wearing the Indian necklace as his only piece of “clothing” in his Two Virgins album cover. Capitol Records refused to touch the album in the US because the cover photo showed Lennon and Yoko Ono in the buff – discounting the Indian necklace that is.

The necklace was earlier sold through Christie’s auction house in London in May 2004 for $250,000. It is likely fetch double the amount this time.

Also on the block
The gottahaveit.com <http:gottahaveit.com> auction is also featuring a rare Elvis Presley peacock jumpsuit. Siegel expects it to set a new record for Elvis costumes. The 1974 stage jumpsuit – tailored to fit a relatively slim King – is expected to snag over $300,000.

Other lots likely to trigger a buying frenzy include Marilyn Monroe’s personal denim 0jeans that she wore in ‘River of No Return’ and were given to Britney Spears by Tommy Hilfiger.

Madonna’s handwritten lyrics and her personal day-to-day diary from 1985-86 and stage costumes.
Jerry Garcia’s concert used custom made guitar strap. George Harrison’s Spike Milligan Stratocaster guitar and Indian suit.

Source: DNA Report


7 Responses

  1. John’s suede jacket from the cover of Rubber Soul.

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  3. The problem with the history given with this news story is that John is wearing the talisman the night he first met the Maharishi at the Hilton Hotel in London.

    It may be the genuine original one owned by John but he didn’t buy it in India on his way to the Ashram.

    Miss Jane

  4. John owned this necklace long before meeting Maharashi. He’s wearing it at the press party for the release of Sgt. Pepper in May 1967. The Beatles met Maharashi in August and John didn’t get to India until Feb. 1968. Here are photos from the Sgt. Pepper party, showing the necklace very clearly:



  6. Please contact me regarding John Lennon’s pin. It’s not green and silver, it’s green and gold. However, you just confirmed for me that the stones are green. A beatles collector told me he has pictures of John Lennon wearing the pin and said it is not green stones. However, he refused to show me the pictures.

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