All Ringo is saying is give peace a chance.

What do you get the guy who has everything?  I mean he’s seen and done it all.  Now, all Ringo really wants for his birthday is some peace and love in the world.  Ringo is not the first Beatle to ask such a request, and maybe someday peace will be attainable.  God, we hope so.

Besides, we much prefer Ringo flashing a peace sign over Paul flashing his thumbs-up. 

  • Ringo has also posted a VIDEO update on his official website.  There are also links up to his Peace and Love movement from The Beatles official website.  Let’s spread the message of peace and love for Ringo.

Here’s what we’ve read.

For his 68th birthday Monday, Ringo Starr wants ”just more peace and love” in the world as his only present — and he’ll be sending out that message to fans around the globe from Chicago.

But the ex-Beatle wants to stage his ”Peace & Love Movement” rally at noon at Buckingham Fountain, where cleanup after Sunday’s Taste of Chicago finale will make it difficult for the Chicago Park District to actually give peace a chance.

While Buckingham Fountain is Starr’s first choice, the timing issue might force him to seek another site, his spokeswoman said.

Chicago is only one part of Starr’s global effort Monday. He is asking people around the world to join him in making the peace sign, and ”saying, singing, shouting, whispering, signing, writing or quietly thinking one simply beautiful and universal message: ‘Peace & Love.’ ”

In a statement, Starr implored fans and fellow peace lovers to join him at noon local time, ”Wherever you are — office, home, bus, [subway], sitting, standing, walking, alone or with others, doesn’t matter.”

He said the Chicago event, along with other ”Peace & Love” happenings around the world, will be covered by CNN, and Larry King will interview Starr on his talk show Monday night.

The other sites include the Abbey Road Studios in London; Imagine Peace Tower in Reykjavik, Iceland; Capitol Records in Hollywood, and Strawberry Fields in New York’s Central Park.

The Chicago event is open to the public. Starr, who is touring with his All Starr Band, will be based in Chicago for the Midwest leg of the tour. The group will perform July 13 at the Charter One Pavilion at Northerly Island.

Source: Chicago Sun Times


3 Responses

  1. Ringo’s peace sign is so overdone it’s cool again. I was sick of it for a couple of years, but now I’m at peace with it. Just check the record covers of his albums from the last ten years. The Stones tongue is nothing compared to Ringo’s trademark.

  2. All that peace and love must be good for one’s health, because Ringo looks fabulous. 68?!! I hope I age as gracefully. Love ya, Ringo, happy birthday!

  3. LOVE YOU RINGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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