All Ringo is saying is give peace a chance.

What do you get the guy who has everything?  I mean he’s seen and done it all.  Now, all Ringo really wants for his birthday is some peace and love in the world.  Ringo is not the first Beatle to ask such a request, and maybe someday peace will be attainable.  God, we hope so.

Besides, we much prefer Ringo flashing a peace sign over Paul flashing his thumbs-up. 

  • Ringo has also posted a VIDEO update on his official website.  There are also links up to his Peace and Love movement from The Beatles official website.  Let’s spread the message of peace and love for Ringo.

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For his 68th birthday Monday, Ringo Starr wants ”just more peace and love” in the world as his only present — and he’ll be sending out that message to fans around the globe from Chicago.

But the ex-Beatle wants to stage his ”Peace & Love Movement” rally at noon at Buckingham Fountain, where cleanup after Sunday’s Taste of Chicago finale will make it difficult for the Chicago Park District to actually give peace a chance.

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They went out with a bang…that’s for sure.

I have heard the audio footage of the Memphis show from 1966.  Yes, they really were going out with a bang.  I cannot imagine what it was like to be in he eye of a hurricane.  To be putting out press conferences at each and every stop.  No one, does press conferences any more for musicians (save, maybe The Rolling Stones).  I cannot imagine having to go through the same questions time and time again.  I do imagine that it would get a little boring. 

It’s not like the musicians were even able to hone their craft and be sharp on the stage anymore.  The Beatle touring machine was more about the hysteria and the circus than it was about rock and roll.  I can see how the boys would have soured on that experience.  It would be different if anyone could actually hear anything.  I would have loved to have seen one of these shows, as much of us would have.  I can relive them through various bootlegs and film footage, and feel like I am there.  Somehow, I think that’s an easier experience.  It’s more romantic that way, I’ll take it.  In 1966, though, animosity was running high for the Fabs, especially as they crept their way through the Bible Belt, with John and his “bigger than Jesus” comments.  We know, we know- it was all taken out of context.  But, some people had a HUGE problem with that.  I imagine a musician today making a comment like that.  They’d probably fear that they’d get shot too, much in the same way our dear boys felt in Memphis as someone lit up a cherry bomb mid-concert. 

If you haven’t hunted down the bootleg of this show, it’s intersting from a historical perspective if anything.  The sound quality is so-so, but you can at least feel the hysteria boil over in this concert.  The boot is worth checking out.

The Fab Four in Memphis, 1966.

Here’s what we’ve read.

Did someone throw a firework at the Beatles in Memphis – and did it end their touring career? Colin Fleming on the discovery of a remarkable lost tape of a seminal gig

In the summer of 1966, the Beatles had just recorded Revolver, rock’s first full-on foray into what a band could pull off in the studio. But they were still every bit a live, coming-to-your-town touring band when they trekked off for world tour number three. It was a tour that, in the wake of John Lennon’s claim that “we’re more popular than Jesus”, would lead to record burnings and death threats in America’s Bible belt.

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